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10 Bible Verses to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

bible verses for New Years resolutions

A New Year is seen as a fresh beginning, a time for resolutions and promises on habits and behaviors we’d like to incorporate into this new start. Here are 10 Scriptures to support and encourage you in your New Year’s New Beginning.   All verses from the ESV translation. Psalm 5:3 "O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare...

How I Write My Study Notes for My Sermon Prep


Every time I preach, there are over 10 different steps that I take to get my sermon to the final outline. I've share with you previously about my first step, but here is another vital move I make in sermon preparation. After I've done most of my word studies, translation comparisons and exegesis work, I start a document that I...

How Can I Win the Battle Against Anxiety? Interview with Caris Snider


https://youtu.be/mStaZzU-zWo In this video, Caris Snider and I talk about anxiety and the importance of addressing it biblically. We both serve in the church yet still have to rely on the power of Jesus Christ for our everyday peace! For a copy of her book, check out "Anxiety Elephants: 31 Day Devotional on Stomping them Out."

The Essential Elements of Christian Corporate Worship


Within the Body of Christ, worship is more than musical songs of great arrangement or harmonious melody. Worship is the underlying effort of all the saints gathering together to praise God through song, proclamation, fellowship and giving. In the book, Worship and Entertainment, A.W. Tozer states that worship is to be the perfect mixture of admiration, fascination resulting in...

Soothe Your Election Anxiety

election anxiety

"How could you possibly vote for....?" "You're voting for WHO????" "If you vote for ________, you can't really be a Christian." "A REAL Christian would vote for _________." "If _________ is elected, our nation will not survive." "If you're voting for __________ you can unfriend me right now!" There’s little doubt that the potential fallout from this year’s election may ripple well beyond even the...

Meet John, Son of Zebedee—The Disciple Jesus Loved.


  I want to introduce you to a friend…well, probably, more like an acquaintance, but someone that I love and appreciate very much. He is not here today, but if he were, I am sure you would love him and he would love you. He is an average looking man, has a manly beard, and wears the rugged outdoorsman-look very well...

Jake Weidmann: Master Penman and Master Brother


"Dude, is this your cousin?!"  Over the last few weeks, people have been asking me if I know or am related to Jake Weidmann. Yes, I do know Him. Yes, I am related to Him. he is not just anyone to me, he is my brother. Jake Weidmann is not your average artist. He is uniquely gifted and we've known it...

How to Improve Self Image through Awe of God


Do you remember the first time you rode a roller coaster, saw the mountains, kissed another person, ate the best burger, held your child? There is an AWE in first experiences. They sweep you away with emotion and you swear your life will never be the same. I want you to imagine for a moment feeling that same kind...

Writing A Great Youth Pastor Job Description

youth pastor job description

Looking for a good youth pastor can be difficult. Trust me, I know. Not only have I served as a youth pastor, but I have also now hired several youth pastors in my various senior-level roles. The role of a youth pastor can be difficult; many people believe they can be good at it—even if they are not. Perhaps they think, I...

Paragraph-by-Paragraph Outline for the Book of Acts


Carefully, paragraph by paragraph, the book of Acts has been evaluated in the following pages. Each paragraph in the ESV translation of Acts has been evaluated and a factual statement about its content was recorded in one sentence.  Also, all the “That’ll preach!” verses were listed sequentially by reference under the statement about the paragraph in which they can...

Why Joppa (Jaffa) Israel is Important to Our Lives Today


Today I am in Joppa which is the southern end of the city today called Tel Aviv. The port of Joppa was of great significance in both the Old and New Testament because of access that it gave to Jerusalem and other sites in Israel. This would have been the port Herod the Great used to bring in materials...