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Keys for Effective Door to Door Evangelism


We all met in the parking lot of the high school we meet in on Sundays. There were not many of us, but the team was strong nonetheless. We had a mission and we were determined to accomplish it. It was Easter week and had about 200 New Testament ESV Bibles, gospel tracts, and hand-written invitations to hand out. All...

How to Find Joy in Knowing Christ (1 John 1:1-4)


Sermon Resources: Sermon Manuscript in a Word Document Sermon Slides New Years and New Series Are New Starts New beginnings. We’ve all had them at least a time or two. Things like… New baby New job New semester New teacher New pencil New toy New rule New sibling New roommate New House New neighbors New jacket New teeth New Bible New in-law New friend New computer New shoes New car New year New pastor   We’ve all had the experience with “new.” If we are honest,...

A Night of Peace on Christmas Eve, 1870: A “O Holy Night” story


On Christmas Eve in 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War, an intense battle was taking place between French and German soldiers. Suddenly, a French soldier jumped from the trenches, exposing himself to the enemy’s fire. Before either side could figure out what to do, he began singing Cantique de Noel—O Holy Night in English. Each side stood frozen as he sang...

Questions a Pastor Should Ask in an Interview


In preparation for my assignment to Grace Chapel (by God’s sovereign will) I had already served in four other churches. One of those churches was the role of Senior Pastor. Because of my experience in candidating before, my wife and I were resolved to ask the right questions, this time, to ensure we had a proper understanding of the...

Peace Post-Election

peace post election

Just 2 days after the 2020 election, Josh Weidmann guest-hosts on CROSSWALK in place of their regular host, Gino Geraci. Hour 1: Peace Post-Election Interview with Jonathan Leeman, 9 Marks Editorial Director and author of several books, including: How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics for a Divided Age. Anxiety surrounding the election and politics Hour 2: Hope and peace...

What is the Local Church?


And why are the reforming markers of the church (preaching and ordinances) so crucial for understanding what the church is? The church is a group of Christians (those partaking in the New Covenant with God by believing in Jesus Christ) who, together, identify themselves and others as followers of Jesus through regularly gathering in His name, preaching the Gospel, and...

4 Great Joys that Come From Being Honest with God


The last shepherd to return from gathering firewood dropped a meager load of sticks on the ground beside the sputtering fire. He looked at his partners huddled close to the feeble flame and knew they faced another long, cold night ahead. Drawing his cloak tighter around his shoulders, he gazed upward at the deep and mysterious sky. The moon...

14 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Pastors

surprising facts about pastors

By definition, a pastor is one who "shepherds his flock."  You know this means he preaches, officiates weddings, and probably has meetings in his office to explain some theological question; but what is the role of pastor really like?  Here are 14 surprising facts you may not know about pastors: We fight the balance between pleasing...

Lessons from the Birth of Our Baby Boy


Waiting for a baby is like waiting for the Lord Jesus to return. You never know the day or hour when he may come and if you are not ready it will catch you off guard. Sure enough, on Monday morning, August 2nd, Molly woke me with a familiar urgency in her voice. It was 12:35 AM and she told...

Dear Christian: Stop Using the F Word, FML and WTF


Far too many young people are using the F word as a creative expression without consequence. This must stop. The F word is a vulgar word that perverts the gift of sex God has given us and uses it to express a negative feeling. Nothing about that sounds like something a Christian should be involved in. However, many Christians are  ...

A Book Review of “From Eden to The New Jerusalem”


Alexander, T. Desmond,From Eden to the New Jerusalem, United States, Kregel Academic & Professional, October 13, 2009 In 2005, during my studies at the Moody Bible Institute, I was deeply moved by the scholarship and storyline of biblical theology. After understanding the differences between systematic theology and biblical theology, and respecting the rightful place and practice for each, I declared...

5 Reasons Why God May Be Silent


Not long ago, my friend Steve asked when was the last time I experienced God’s silence. I told him that I have had many notable times in my life when God was not speaking. Looking back, I can explain the reason--the best I understand it--for each one of those seasons. I told Steve about my transition to become the senior...