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Understanding Why God Is Silent


CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? I just needed to get away. The stress of ministry life, family life, and just life seemed to be overwhelming to me. I described my life as a stereo turned up all the way and the volume control was broken off. I didn’t need to just turn down the noise--I needed to turn it...

10 Bible Verses to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

bible verses for New Years resolutions

A New Year is seen as a fresh beginning, a time for resolutions and promises on habits and behaviors we’d like to incorporate into this new start. Here are 10 Scriptures to support and encourage you in your New Year’s New Beginning.   All verses from the ESV translation. Psalm 5:3 "O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare...

The Altar: a meeting place with God


Four Hundred Years and No Altars  Altars were significant in the Old Testament. They are mentioned over two hundred times, with many of them related to the Tabernacle and the Temple. Yet, altars were used far before these formal meeting places were erected. Noah (Genesis 8:20), Abraham (Genesis 12:7–8; 13:4;18; 22:9), Isaac (Genesis 26:26), and Jacob (Genesis 33:20; 35:1–7) all...

Meet John, Son of Zebedee—The Disciple Jesus Loved.


  I want to introduce you to a friend…well, probably, more like an acquaintance, but someone that I love and appreciate very much. He is not here today, but if he were, I am sure you would love him and he would love you. He is an average looking man, has a manly beard, and wears the rugged outdoorsman-look very well...

How to Improve Self Image through Awe of God


Do you remember the first time you rode a roller coaster, saw the mountains, kissed another person, ate the best burger, held your child? There is an AWE in first experiences. They sweep you away with emotion and you swear your life will never be the same. I want you to imagine for a moment feeling that same kind...

Jake Weidmann: Master Penman and Master Brother


"Dude, is this your cousin?!"  Over the last few weeks, people have been asking me if I know or am related to Jake Weidmann. Yes, I do know Him. Yes, I am related to Him. he is not just anyone to me, he is my brother. Jake Weidmann is not your average artist. He is uniquely gifted and we've known it...

A Night of Peace on Christmas Eve, 1870: A “O Holy Night” story


On Christmas Eve in 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War, an intense battle was taking place between French and German soldiers. Suddenly, a French soldier jumped from the trenches, exposing himself to the enemy’s fire. Before either side could figure out what to do, he began singing Cantique de Noel—O Holy Night in English. Each side stood frozen as he sang...

The secret to Unleashing Your God-given Potential


We live in a day-and-age where making our personal identity known, is of great importance to us. Consider social media, we post all sorts of things as if it validates our mere existence, but all the while we struggle in the quietness of our heart know "who am I?"  and "why do I exist?" This isn’t just a preteen question or something we...

4 Great Joys that Come From Being Honest with God


The last shepherd to return from gathering firewood dropped a meager load of sticks on the ground beside the sputtering fire. He looked at his partners huddled close to the feeble flame and knew they faced another long, cold night ahead. Drawing his cloak tighter around his shoulders, he gazed upward at the deep and mysterious sky. The moon...

Why Joppa (Jaffa) Israel is Important to Our Lives Today


Today I am in Joppa which is the southern end of the city today called Tel Aviv. The port of Joppa was of great significance in both the Old and New Testament because of access that it gave to Jerusalem and other sites in Israel. This would have been the port Herod the Great used to bring in materials...

Free Chapter of “The End of Anxiety” — How to Get Rid of Anxious Thoughts


One of the most painful parts of anxiety is our worrisome thoughts that replay over and over. We can't seem to get the thoughts to go away, no matter how much we beg God for relief? In my new book, The End of Anxiety, I give pointed actions on how we can stop the repeat tracks that are often sources of our...