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“That Cross Was For Me”


Rembrandt, one of the most famous artists to ever live, painted a picture of Christ being raised on the cross. In the darkness of the picture you can almost feel the agony on Jesus’ face as the cross is lifted and the nails in His hands hold his body weight. As you peer into the dark picture, you can...

The First Thanksgiving and a Grateful Heart


Do you remember as a kid making those turkeys out of a traced handprint or a pinecone? Do you remember the stories about the pilgrims and Indians in elementary school? In the midst of all the turkey decorations and historical stories, have you ever wondered what the first Thanksgiving was like? I started to dig for answers from historians and...

What Does It Mean to Please God at Work?


Let's face it, work is not always something we enjoy. That is why we call it "Work". all of our jobs are filled with things that we "have to do" in order to do the things we "want to do". Recently I spoke to our staff about the importance of pleasing God with our work. We all work at a church,...

Christians and the Government


Last night I spent the evening with a friend, and we inevitably got into a conversation about this week’s election. We started to ask questions about what God thinks of the earthy government. As we searched the scriptures for some answers, this particular passage jumped out: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority...

Trusting God When It Doesn’t Make Sense


Cancer is never fair, but it seems especially cruel when it strikes a child. Two-year-old David was taken by his mother Deborah to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where they met with Dr. John Truman, a specialist in treating children with cancer and various blood diseases. Dr. Truman's leukemia prognosis was devastating: “David has a 50-50 chance of survival.” Countless...

Can Christianity Go Extinct in Iraq?


People in America are upset because Starbucks seems to have wiped Christmas away by not decorating their holiday cup with ornaments. This seems to be the talk of the town, yet no one is raising the voice to express concern over a country that is about to wipe Christianity out from within their boundaries. Fox News had a headline this...

Steadfast Faith in an Unchanging Savior (Colossians 1:15-23)


http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshweidmann/2015.07.05-Colossians-Josh-Weidmann.mp3 (audio only available for this message) Christ is God and always has been! Since the beginning of time, He came in human form to show us the invisible God. Christ’s supremacy guarantees that we can live a life of steadfast faith and hope in this shifting world. In this message, we will understand how Christ is our creator, sustainer and...

Redefine Greatness: Living Out God’s Definition of Success


  I came back from a long day of classes and meetings, just wanting to let my mind unwind. As I set my bag on my chair I notice that across the top of my desk someone had written in black ink, “REDEFINE GREATNESS.” At first I just wanted to know who had done it, and what kind of message...

Stop Scourging Yourself


Honesty relieves us of the scourge of self-judgment. So long as we remain in hiding, alone with our sin, it is easy to wallow in guilt and shame. We flog ourselves with memories of every time we failed to live up to expectations—ours or those of others—and cringe with shock and dismay at the depth of our unworthiness. Since...