old man faceGod is a creative and commissioning God.

He never lacks a strategic plan, nor the power or ingenuity to make it happen. That was clear in the creation account captured in Genesis chapter one.

There is something to notice in God’s creation account for those of us who struggle with confidence. Our God did three things that should cause our shrinking selve to find boldness in our Lord:

1. He made us in His image (Gen. 1:27). Out of all the other created being, He chose us to bear the likeness of himself. Our confidence should never be in our own flesh (for we know that is wicked and weak), but it can be in the God in whom our likeness can be found.

2. He blessed them (Gen. 1:28). After the creation of man, God blessed them. Though He did this also with the sea and the creatures, it is significant for us to know we have God’s blessing. His stamp of aproval has already been given, so seeking the approval of another is silly and pointless.

3. He gave them responsibility (Gen. 1:29). God saw ‘that his creation of man was great’ and therefore bestowed upon us a responability. He still expects us to fulfill the commands He gives, here in the Genesis passage and elsewhere in our lives.

Our confidence is not in our own abilities. Our confidence is deeply rooted in the actions of The Creator when He created humankind.

He created.

He blessed.

He instructed.

These three things are still happening in our lives and callings today. We must choose to derive great hope and fortitude in who we are and where we are placed based on the design and commissioning of our Mighty God.

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