The last 24 hours have seemed as if my entire world was falling apart.

Have you had those days where you’re sure if someone else asks something of you, you just might lose you ever-loving mind? Have you been so stressed your teeth hurt? Has all food ever lost its appeal, primarily because you don’t even have time to eat, but you also know if you eat you’ll have a hard time swallowing because your stomach has moved into your throat?

Yes, that has been my life this week.

Last night I was driving to my 9th event of the day (with an all-nighter inevitably ahead of me). As I was stuck in traffic with my stress level climaxing at an all-time high, I thought, “I am hanging on by a thread…”

It was just at that moment, I heard a voice in my heart say, “You may be hanging on by a thread, but at least you’re hanging on.” With that a wave of peace washed over me.

Yes, I am barely hanging on, but at least I am not falling. More importantly, I know who holds the other end of the thread; and if I fall, I know God will catch me. He always does.

(sigh of relief)

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