This week on Gospel Daily, we will conclude our series on the book of Ruth entitled “The Best is Yet to Come”. I began preaching this series right at the time the COVID-19 crisis started to affect America. I’ve had the privilege of preaching the story of Ruth from a “threshing floor” near Bethlehem. However, taking the time to preach this in detail in the midst of this season has been refreshing!

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MONDAY: Trusting God in My Waiting, Part 2 — Ruth 3:1-18

TUESDAY: Avoid the Wrong Ending, Be Redeemed by Christ, Part 1 — Ruth 4:1-12

WEDNESDAY: Avoid the Wrong Ending, Be Redeemed by Christ, Part 2 — Ruth 4:1-12

THURSDAY: The Power of Contentment Ruth 4:13-22

FRIDAY: Unleashing the Power of Christ for Everyday Living, Part 1 — 1 Peter 1:6-9

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