The last phrases of Christ recorded for us in Scripture are powerful and passionate. As we paste together these statements from the various gospels, we find seven statements Christ said before taking His last breath on earth. Each of them is intentional and full of meaning and application for our daily life.

This week on Gospel Daily, Pastor Josh is preaching on the last three phrases:

  • “I thirst”
  • “It is finished”
  • “Into thy hands, I commit my spirit”

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MONDAY: I Thirst, Part 1 — John 19:28

TUESDAY: I Thirst, Part 2 — John 19:28

WEDNESDAY: It is Finished, Part 1 — John 19:30

THURSDAY: It is Finished, Part 2 — John 19:30

FRIDAY: Into Your Hands, I Commit My Spirit, Part — 1 Luke 23:46

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