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Let’s face it – connecting with youth doesn’t always come naturally. There are times in our youth ministry where we say something we wish we wouldn’t have or we have no idea what to say to even start the conversation. No matter how awkward it may be at times, there is little work that is more important than impacting the souls of young people.

here are three keys I keep in mind when working with youth:

  1. I must be approachable. I never want to be the kind of youth speaker or leader that youth are not comfortable to talk with about whatever. I need to ensure that I never put off an “I am older that you” or “better that you” vibe. Youth who feel valued are often more vulnerable.
  2. I must be available. I need to ensure that I am praying continually and striving to be used by God for the work of His Spirit through me in the lives of others. Anytime I think my plan is better than God’s, I’ve failed.
  3. I must be flexible. This is like Youth Min 101 – if you can’t flex with things, then maybe you should find a new day job. Youth ministry schedules and circumstances are always changing, so flex as needed. This week I had all my talks planned and by the 2nd day I was re-writing them all. Change is just part of it and if you can’t change, you may not be as effective.


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