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A Biblical Perspective on New Year’s Resolutions


The five days between Christmas and the New year are very important to me. I reflect on the last year and plan for the next year in that week’s time. When the New Year begins, I hope to be as ready as possible for the coming year with the plan I’ve worked and prayed through intentionally.  Many of us set...

The Power of Setting a Timer for Tasks: OmniFocus and Pomodoro


I am a long-time OmniFocus user. This world-class productivity app and I have journeyed together since 2009, just one year after its inception. I started with the first version and have been using it ever since. My wife thinks I may be a little obsessed with it (and she may be right). I love it! I am a pro...

4 Defining Moments in a Pastor’s Marriage


All marriages are marked by defining moments. Those moments where a realization, decision, or experience changes something fundamental in your life and marriage. Here are four defining moments common among pastors...

When Does Anxiety Become Sinful?


If you grew up in the 80s and 90s as I did, you’re familiar with the idea of mixtapes. Mixtapes were a way of creating a compilation of music that could be played in any Walkman, car stereo, or boombox. Mixtapes back then were what playlists are to us today, except they took about one hundred times as much effort...

Every Christian is Called to Care for Others: Generously and Selflessly


The Bible is clear that every Christian is called to care for others. This includes generously giving of our time, resources, and ourselves. It can be easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget about the needs of others, but we are called to put others first. In this blog post, we will discuss what it...

Day 9: The Final Steps of Christ in Jerusalem


Probably the most recognizable site in the world is Temple Mount, The Dome of the Rock. The significance of Temple Mount dates back to the time of Abraham, where he took his son Isaac to be a sacrifice on Mount Moriah. Later on Solomon built the first temple to God on this “mount” where all Jews would go during...

Day 4: Galilee, Water Day


Many times throughout the ministry of Jesus, He and His disciples went out or crossed the Sea of Galilee. Today we started our day off with a boat ride on the sea where we not only heard the word of God, but also sang songs of worship together. Because of the hills surrounding the sea, weather patterns can come...

Keeping Kids Busy While Limiting Screen Time


This is a guest post by Cassie Baker, a member of Josh Weidmann's team for over eight years and a work-from-home mom with a five-year-old.  As a work-from-home-mother of a young child, I am raising a screen-time kid. Screens have been an aspect of my daughter's world since the pediatricians said it was safe to introduce them... okay, let me...

Does Yelling Make Me a Bad or Unfit Parent?


We had minutes until the carpool van arrived at the house. It was time for everyone to get dressed, four lunches to be packed, seven people fed breakfast, and maybe a word of encouragement or prayer before we all parted ways. As I stood by the counter, furiously trying to make eggs, toast, and coffee while discussing the day’s...

How to raise kids who have a healthy relationship with technology

healthy relationship with technology

Raising children these days can be difficult, especially when it comes to technology. With so many gadgets and devices at their disposal, it can be hard to know how much screen time is too much. Here are some suggestions to help keep screen time in moderation:

Getting Over the Holiday Blues


When the holidays are over, many people feel a sense of loss. They may feel anxious about the year ahead, or they may feel like they have to compare their lives to others’. Here are a few ways you can pursue peace in your faith and emotions after the festivities:

Making the Most of Screens with Your Kids Over Christmas Break


It's winter break and you're trying to keep your child entertained without playing on their tablet every waking moment. It seems like you basically have two options: pack the tablet away or give them free reign over it for 10 days.  If you choose Option 1, they are going to be devastated because they love wasting hours away watching endless...