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Taking a PAUSE to Pursue Peace


When it comes to describing the current state of our world, peaceful is not the word most people would use to characterize culture. God calls us to a kind of peace that doesn’t mean living in the absence of conflict. Instead, He gives us a roadmap for navigating the struggles and disagreements that come when sinful people engage with one another, inevitably leading to broken relationships. Here is a way to take PAUSE to pursue peace.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Screen Time for Kids


The issue isn’t just about kids having these devices in the first place, it is about what they do with them. We need to consider what impact the time and devices are having on our kids. Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to screen time.

How Anxiety Can Be Good for Us


As I sat staring at the menu, I wondered why I even bothered to look it over. My anxiety had consumed my appetite. Eating felt like a chore and nothing could satisfy the insatiable hunger of my fears. Across from me sat a trusted pastor and friend. We breezed through the typical small talk, and dove straight into the deep-end...

Lessons from the Birth of Our Baby Boy


Waiting for a baby is like waiting for the Lord Jesus to return. You never know the day or hour when he may come and if you are not ready it will catch you off guard. Sure enough, on Monday morning, August 2nd, Molly woke me with a familiar urgency in her voice. It was 12:35 AM and she told...

Teaching the Bible to Kids: Tips for Parents

teaching the Bible to kids

There are many ways for teaching the Bible to kids in a manner that helps them understand key lessons that can enhance their lives at any age. Here, we'll explore a few tips and Christian activities that parents can use to successfully share the Bible with their children.

Peace Post-Election

peace post election

Just 2 days after the 2020 election, Josh Weidmann guest-hosts on CROSSWALK in place of their regular host, Gino Geraci. Hour 1: Peace Post-Election Interview with Jonathan Leeman, 9 Marks Editorial Director and author of several books, including: How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics for a Divided Age. Anxiety surrounding the election and politics Hour 2: Hope and peace...

Soothe Your Election Anxiety

election anxiety

"How could you possibly vote for....?" "You're voting for WHO????" "If you vote for ________, you can't really be a Christian." "A REAL Christian would vote for _________." "If _________ is elected, our nation will not survive." "If you're voting for __________ you can unfriend me right now!" There’s little doubt that the potential fallout from this year’s election may ripple well beyond even the...

How Can I Win the Battle Against Anxiety? Interview with Caris Snider


https://youtu.be/mStaZzU-zWo In this video, Caris Snider and I talk about anxiety and the importance of addressing it biblically. We both serve in the church yet still have to rely on the power of Jesus Christ for our everyday peace! For a copy of her book, check out "Anxiety Elephants: 31 Day Devotional on Stomping them Out."

Writing A Great Youth Pastor Job Description

youth pastor job description

Looking for a good youth pastor can be difficult. Trust me, I know. Not only have I served as a youth pastor, but I have also now hired several youth pastors in my various senior-level roles. The role of a youth pastor can be difficult; many people believe they can be good at it—even if they are not. Perhaps they think, I...

Understanding Why God Is Silent


CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? I just needed to get away. The stress of ministry life, family life, and just life seemed to be overwhelming to me. I described my life as a stereo turned up all the way and the volume control was broken off. I didn’t need to just turn down the noise--I needed to turn it...

10 Bible Verses to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

bible verses for New Years resolutions

A New Year is seen as a fresh beginning, a time for resolutions and promises on habits and behaviors we’d like to incorporate into this new start. Here are 10 Scriptures to support and encourage you in your New Year’s New Beginning.   All verses from the ESV translation. Psalm 5:3 "O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare...