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Keeping Kids Busy While Limiting Screen Time


This is a guest post by Cassie Baker, a member of Josh Weidmann's team for over eight years and a work-from-home mom with a five-year-old.  As a work-from-home-mother of a young child, I am raising a screen-time kid. Screens have been an aspect of my daughter's world since the pediatricians said it was safe to introduce them... okay, let me...

Does Yelling Make Me a Bad or Unfit Parent?


We had minutes until the carpool van arrived at the house. It was time for everyone to get dressed, four lunches to be packed, seven people fed breakfast, and maybe a word of encouragement or prayer before we all parted ways. As I stood by the counter, furiously trying to make eggs, toast, and coffee while discussing the day’s...

How to raise kids who have a healthy relationship with technology

healthy relationship with technology

Raising children these days can be difficult, especially when it comes to technology. With so many gadgets and devices at their disposal, it can be hard to know how much screen time is too much. Here are some suggestions to help keep screen time in moderation:

Getting Over the Holiday Blues


When the holidays are over, many people feel a sense of loss. They may feel anxious about the year ahead, or they may feel like they have to compare their lives to others’. Here are a few ways you can pursue peace in your faith and emotions after the festivities:

Making the Most of Screens with Your Kids Over Christmas Break


It's winter break and you're trying to keep your child entertained without playing on their tablet every waking moment. It seems like you basically have two options: pack the tablet away or give them free reign over it for 10 days.  If you choose Option 1, they are going to be devastated because they love wasting hours away watching endless...

New Book Release!


My new book is out! I am so excited.  Raising Screen Time Kids: Biblical Principles for Parenting in a Device-Saturated World is now available in print and ebook on Amazon.  This book came out of a passion for helping my family know how to have moderation related to devices. I also wanted to serve the parents in our church with biblical and...

How to Pack for Travel to Israel


In this video, Pastor and Israel Tour Guide, Josh Weidmann, shows you tips for how to pack for travel to Israel.  After several trips leading tours, Josh has his system down to a science! We hope you find this helpful in your own international travel to Israel or wherever your journey takes you. For those traveling to Israel, here is a...

Taking a PAUSE to Pursue Peace


When it comes to describing the current state of our world, peaceful is not the word most people would use to characterize culture. God calls us to a kind of peace that doesn’t mean living in the absence of conflict. Instead, He gives us a roadmap for navigating the struggles and disagreements that come when sinful people engage with one another, inevitably leading to broken relationships. Here is a way to take PAUSE to pursue peace.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Screen Time for Kids


The issue isn’t just about kids having these devices in the first place, it is about what they do with them. We need to consider what impact the time and devices are having on our kids. Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to screen time.

How Anxiety Can Be Good for Us


As I sat staring at the menu, I wondered why I even bothered to look it over. My anxiety had consumed my appetite. Eating felt like a chore and nothing could satisfy the insatiable hunger of my fears. Across from me sat a trusted pastor and friend. We breezed through the typical small talk, and dove straight into the deep-end...

Lessons from the Birth of Our Baby Boy


Waiting for a baby is like waiting for the Lord Jesus to return. You never know the day or hour when he may come and if you are not ready it will catch you off guard. Sure enough, on Monday morning, August 2nd, Molly woke me with a familiar urgency in her voice. It was 12:35 AM and she told...

Teaching the Bible to Kids: Tips for Parents

teaching the Bible to kids

There are many ways for teaching the Bible to kids in a manner that helps them understand key lessons that can enhance their lives at any age. Here, we'll explore a few tips and Christian activities that parents can use to successfully share the Bible with their children.