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One Another Series


In this series I went through 61 passages in the New Testament that had the phrase "One Another" in them. My purpose for the series was to expose the body of Creekside to the mutual submission commands of the New Testament in order to help the be the church Christ desires them to be. Originally I only planned on this...

My Sermon Preparation Schedule


Finding the right time to sermon prep has always been a task for me. Ever since my preaching ministry began, I’ve struggled to ensure that my time outside the pulpit best prepared me for my time inside the pulpit. For years I seemed to always be in fear of the next time I spoke because I was preparing right until...

When a Joke Goes Bad in Your Sermon


This weekend I opened my sermon with a joke. I thought it would bring laughter at the beginning of what I knew was going to be a heavy sermon. However, the joke didn't work well at all. The reason being, I forgot a key line in the joke. It was a simple line that would have made the joke actually...

Sermon and Study Notes for Luke 19:11-27


This is without a doubt one of the hardest of the parables to exegete. I struggled with this passage for nearly twice as many hours as it takes to prep a normal sermon. Therefore, I feel it is all the more important to give my resources away for this sermon. Here are my files: Study Notes For Luke 19.11-27 - A...

You Can’t Just Preach Away the Problem


Many pastors think that if you preach at a problem that will fix it. I was one of those pastors (perhaps I still am at times). If you preach often, I am sure you can identify with me - you see a problem in the church, so you plan a sermon to preach at the problem, sure that in the...

Radical Faithfulness: A Message on Luke 19:11-27 and the Parable of the Ten Minas


This message is on the parable of the minas in Luke 19. Jesus tells this story to make at least two points. One has to do with the timing of His second coming being a long way off. The other has to do with how we are stewarding what we’ve been given in the meantime. The message is easy...

Great Opener for Sermon to Teens


A Friend of mine asked me if had any good "Openers" for a sermon he was going to give at the local Lutheran High School chapel. After giving a little thought, I told him that I had one I've used many times, and it pulls the teen right in-without fail. I told him that you could speak on just...

How I Format My Sermon Outline


  For over a decade I have tried to find the best way to format my sermon notes. I've asked some of the greatest living known preachers how they do it and if I could see theirs. I research and read about others notes (of which Josh Harris has one of the best blogs on this topic). Although I have...