Anxiety is the unexpected guest that tromps into our life and overstays its welcome. I recently wrote a book entitled The End of Anxiety. The pages (or audio files) capture my own struggle with overwhelming emotions.

Amid my anxious thoughts, I longed to find the purpose in the pain. This book will help us all grapple with God’s purpose and presence when anxiety won’t seem to go away. God was gracious to give me answers and biblical solutions for dealing with what felt insurmountable.

I wanted to give you a gift of three chapters, read by me, from my book The End of AnxietyThe book is not yet released, but if you will please buy a copy of it, for yourself or someone who needs it, I think it will be helpful. Here you go… I hope this is helpful to you. Share it with those who you think may need it as well.

Introductory Comments:

Overture, Make it Stop:

Chapter 1, The Chief End of Everything:

Chapter 2, Afraid for Nothing:

Thank you for listening! Stay tuned for the whole audiobook to come. For now, order a copy of the ebook or print book!

For your listening pleasure and God’s greater glory!

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