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The Altar: a meeting place with God


Four Hundred Years and No Altars  Altars were significant in the Old Testament. They are mentioned over two hundred times, with many of them related to the Tabernacle and the Temple. Yet, altars were used far before these formal meeting places were erected. Noah (Genesis 8:20), Abraham (Genesis 12:7–8; 13:4;18; 22:9), Isaac (Genesis 26:26), and Jacob (Genesis 33:20; 35:1–7) all...

Free Course on How to Deal with Anxiety Biblically


Anxiety plagues all of us at some level. There are things in our past, present, or future that cause our thoughts to go crazy and our hearts to become fearful. How can we trust God when what we see or feel doesn’t make sense? When we face worry, fear, or anxiety, we can feel totally out of control. When circumstances are in chaos, it can feel like God is not even able to stop the madness. In this course, we will identify how to renew our thinking and gain a greater focus on Christ, our Prince of Peace.

My Favorite Songs that Got Me Through The Year


Life has a way of stepping on its own toes. This year was full of unexpected turns, peaks, valleys, and deep-sea explorations. We went places we didn't expect to go. Did things we never dreamed of. Felt emotions we didn't know we had. And yet, somehow in the middle of it all, I cherish what this year has been. Now don't...

Q&A with Josh Weidmann and Gino Geraci


We all have questions about faith, Christianity, and the Bible. The things we wonder about can be used to prompt greater faith or give way to greater doubt. Gino Geraci has served as a pastor, chaplain, and radio answer man for the last 20 years. I invited him to come to Grace Chapel to field questions of any sort. We...

The Importance of Taking a Break


Frankly, I don’t want to work. That is saying a lot from a guy who loves to work and loves my job. This year has been so exhausting on several levels. I find myself not wanting to do anything that resembles “work”. I am napping, organizing spice cupboards, alphabetizing my library, and reading past issues of magazines I never had...

Top 10 Bible Verses for Self-Confidence

Bible Verses for Self-Confidence

The following is a list of my top ten favorite verses related to confidence— not in self— but in Christ. If you're struggling with self-confidence, I'm sure these verses will be a great help to you.

Free Chapter of “The End of Anxiety” — How to Get Rid of Anxious Thoughts


One of the most painful parts of anxiety is our worrisome thoughts that replay over and over. We can't seem to get the thoughts to go away, no matter how much we beg God for relief? In my new book, The End of Anxiety, I give pointed actions on how we can stop the repeat tracks that are often sources of our...

God’s Word is Sufficient for Life, Emotions, and Uncertain Circumstances

god's word is sufficient

We live in a world where God's Word is seen as a good source of wisdom, but not as sufficient for life. Sadly, many Christians see the Bible as one of several good reference materials to find answers— just above Google and perhaps no better than many other Christian books. Is that okay? Does God want His Word to...

Understanding Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of Scripture

inspiration inerrancy and authority of scripture

What is the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture and how do they work together to help us? As the ultimate standard for life and living, there will never be any facts or findings that can contradict it. Because of the inerrancy of Scripture, we can hold it as the total truth and standard for all ethical, social, spiritual, and life science issues.

Janet Parshall Addresses Worry, Fear, Panic and Anxiety


In this interview with Janet Parshall I answer a few ive call-in questions: 

  • What do you do with the anxiety over dying?
  • What do you do when you are not sure God is real?
  • What if I am plagued by anxiety but I don't believe in Jesus Christ?
  • How do I help someone who is dealing with anxiety?
  • Are anxiety and depression linked?

FREE: Audio Chapters of “The End of Anxiety”


Anxiety is the unexpected guest that tromps into our life and overstays its welcome. I recently wrote a book entitled The End of Anxiety. The pages (or audio files) capture my own struggle with overwhelming emotions. Amid my anxious thoughts, I longed to find the purpose in the pain. This book will help us all grapple with God’s purpose and presence when...

Spiritual Lessons from Quarantine


The last few months have been anything but normal. Have we been interrupted or disrupted? In this message Pastor Josh will share four spiritual lessons from quarantine and what we can learn from God "stopping us" in Act chapter sixteen. Watch the Message Here: When did you first realize that the pandemic was going to change your life? For me, it...