For over a year now I have not known quite what to do with my online ministry. I’ve been blogging since 2006, but it has come with its seasons of high productivity and seasons of, “What in the world should I type next?”

It was time for a change.

With the help of my good friend, Mike Ruman, I decided to pair my blog down to be nothing more than a simple platform for gathering thoughts, Instagram posts, and major projects.

No more working hard to for “Click bait” or popular posts. No more writing just to post because that is what the blog schedule says to do. I will write what needs to get out, without compromising other projects or caring about analytics.

  • My family gets me first, and my blog gets what’s left over.
  • I decided to end a contract I had with a content developer.
  • As it has been since I started—Grace Chapel is my first ministry. They get first dibs after my family.
  • I decided to work hard on special projects like books and external sites when I get free time (which is rare enough in my world).
  • I will be more authentic and genuine on my blog because it seems like that is what you all read the most anyway.
  • I won’t hyper-evaluate.
  • I will strive to be biblical and Christo-centric in all I do.

So, here’s to writing and hoping you’ll keep reading. But to be honest, I am not watching analytics anymore. So the only way I will know you are reading is if you interact with me.

Drop me a line.
Comment on posts.
Share on social media.

I resolved to not care about analytics. I care about having relationships, not website clicks. So let’s do life together!

I promise to use this central hub to collect the projects I am working on and live my life out loud. I will do it all so God may be glorified and you may have laughter and joy! Thanks for reading.


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