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Biblical Counseling Coalition – Depression Articles
This site has an excellent list of articles, audio and video resources on the topic of depression. There are several different biblical counselors that wrote these articles, giving a variety of perspective and expertise. Tools and steps are included to help the counselor know where to start and how to set realistic goals for the counselee.

The Place of Hope Center – Help for Depression
The Place of Hope is a counseling center that has several specialties, one of which is counseling those dealing with depression. They use God-focused Christian counseling treatments to help a person overcome their depression. They can do their treatment in person or over the phone. The Place of Hope also offers a “Depression Evaluation” online and a copy of “Hope and Healing from Emotional Abuse” to all their counselees.

Article on “Understanding Depression”
This is a PDF article by Steve Lehrer that addresses the topic of depression and gives a clear biblical understanding of how to view it and deal with its causes. This is a resource for the counselor or the mature and astute counselee.

ACBC’s “How to Listen to Depression” Article
This article gives some practical insights and application for listening to a person dealing with depression. It also answers the question, “How does scripture conceptualize depression?” This is an important question that must be answered by the counselor that will be helping a person dealing with depression.

LifeWay Resource – Dealing with depression
This article gives 8 strategies for helping a person with depression. Though it is a brief article for this topic, it is weighted in its words. Practical insights are given, and the Gospel is clearly applied to the feelings of depression.

Article and Resources on for Depression
This is one of my favorite sites of all of the resources. I found on the web for depression. It gives a thorough and biblical explanation for depression, in addition to listing helpful websites, articles, and books on the topic. The symptoms and treatments are briefly addressed but extremely accurate.

Resources for Counseling Depression
A counselor that is dealing with depression should be looking for good books and resources on this topic to recommend to the counselee as needed. This list from the American Association of Christian Counselors gives four excellent books on this topic. This page provides a summary of each book so that the reader can choose which one is right for their context.

Therapy for Depression
Though this is not a stated Christian site, it has great resources for the counselor as to how to diagnose a person as depressed and what treatments may be needed. They also included many case studies of depression that may be helpful to compare to a situation of someone that may be dealing with it who is asking for help.

Understanding Depression (4 audio resources with documents)
Dr. Charles Hodges wrote an excellent book entitled “Good Mood Bad Mood: Help and Hope for Depression and Bipolar Disorder”. On this website, we are given four audio recording of messages Dr. Hodges gave on the topic of his book and how to help those dealing with depression or similar disorders.

CCEF Depression Articles
This is a list of articles and some audio resources from various network counselors that are a part of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. There are some great articles about dealing with this personally, helping someone deal with it and resources for those that live with a person in depression.

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