We need you to dream! Many of us have things we’d like to accomplish, but too often we push those dreams aside. We don’t dare to do the difficult things. When this happens, we forfeit having great impact on other people’s lives. In this video, I share about the importance of dreaming big dreams for God.

[youtube id=”364MOG27fyU”]


1st – pray like crazy. Vision without prayer lacks power. God has invited us to pray and make requests know to Him, so do it!

2nd – have big faith. Steven Furtick talked about having “Audacious Faith” when it comes to doing great things for God. If we have faith that lacks true belief in the all-powerful God, our dreams will fall flat.

3rd – gather people to help champion your vision. Without people cheering you on, not suck the life out of you. Your vision will quickly lose enthusiasm without people in your corner. Seek people to cheer you on when you get discouraged. Find others who can give you ideas or share your ideas with others.

If you believe your dream is worth it, you’ll go for it. But remember, any vision worth championing or having takes time to develop. Dare to be patient and different.

We need you to be bold. So go with confidence in Christ and return to Him with honor!

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