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Where Do You Find True Security?


What Message do You Preach to Yourself? Every single day, we preach a message to ourselves. Think about it. You have a little voice in your head that tells you a gospel every single day. Now, it may not be The Gospel. It might not be the truth about Jesus Christ, but it's some kind of truth-telling you who you...

How to Read More so You Can Lead Better [video]


Readers are Leaders.  If you are not reading, then you are not improving your skills and you will quickly be irrelevant. A true leader takes the time to read so that they are learning new things and stay relevant with those they are reaching, selling to or serving. In the above video, I share about how I read regularly. I have...

How to Avoid Being too Busy [video]

avoid being too busy

I try really hard to not say "I am busy" when people ask me how I am.  I may say, "life is full" but I don't want to be known as a person who is always being too busy. Busyness is not a great way to be known. The Christian life is marked by doing and obeying, but it also...

An Outline For a Strong Start To Your Speech

strong start to your speech

The worst parts of most sermons is the beginning. You've heard them - things like: Tap, tap, tap, is this thing on? I am so glad to be here... Thank you, Tom, Sally and someone else I am not remember right now. Or someone fumbled through their notes and just can't get off the blocks So what does it take...

3 Tips to Help You Fulfill Your Dreams


We need you to dream! Many of us have things we'd like to accomplish, but too often we push those dreams aside. We don't dare to do the difficult things. When this happens, we forfeit having great impact on other people's lives. In this video, I share about the importance of dreaming big dreams for God. SO HOW DO YOU PURSUE...

A Tour of My Office: How You Set Up your Space Matters


I will never forget my first real office.  It took me over four weeks to make it my own and move in. I thought through every little thing, including where I would dump the espresso grounds from my in-office commercial espresso machine. As I've had more offices over the last decades, I've bee more responsible and intentional with my space. If...

Learning How to Forgive Myself


https://youtu.be/Sh9Gx-TouKo In my sermon on the power of the resurrection of Jesus, I talked about how we are forgiven by God but we so often do not forgive ourselves. We seem to easily accept the fact that a good and gracious God forgave us of our sins, but we can't forgive ourselves. The truth is, it is crazy that God would ever...

Are We Asking the Wrong Questions?


There is a lot of buzz lately about what is going on in our culture. It seems like things that were once immoral are now legal and what is legal goes against what the church has always stood for. Christians have a way of getting worked up over things the world decides, as if we expected them to act more...

The secret to Unleashing Your God-given Potential


We live in a day-and-age where making our personal identity known, is of great importance to us. Consider social media, we post all sorts of things as if it validates our mere existence, but all the while we struggle in the quietness of our heart know "who am I?"  and "why do I exist?" This isn’t just a preteen question or something we...

What You May Be Missing In your Prayer Life


Do you know about the guy named Asaph in the Old Testament who truly shared with God what was on his mind? Asaph was a temple worship leader. He must have had a great voice in addition to his good lineage because he was elected to the lead-singer position. He did his job well and was influential. Some of the...

Where is God in My Fear and Pain?


A story of a storm in my life: We all have those moments in life that we will never forget. You know the ones: where you can seem to recount every detail no matter how far it was in the past. One of those events for me was during my junior year of high school. It was a warm spring day in...

Is It Okay to Be Mad at God?


Anger is the aircraft carrier in the fleet of our emotions. Not only because of its massive size, but also its ability to do harm because from it proceeds a multitude of other feelings—grief, sadness, hatred, loss, horror, and doubt. Anger in itself is not necessarily wrong. It is an emotion God has given us, but as with anything He...