Everything Changes

Everything around us changes, think about it: seasons change, weather changes, jobs change, people change, heroes change, our leaders changes. Simply, everything changes.

To be honest with you, I am kind of a “Change” junkie. I like to move around the furniture, find new ways to tweak my everyday norm, or even find ways to visit new places all for the sake of changing my environment. But over the years, while I still appreciate the new experiences of change, I have grown to love the things that never change. There is only one who never changes, and that is God Himself.

The Unchanging God

God is unchanging. He has been complete for all eternity, never adding attributes or losing a quality. Theologians call this “God’s Immutability” – meaning that he is perpetually and perfectly the same.

Think about this for a minute – you and I have been changing since the very moment we were conceived. Everyday something about us physically is changing, and often our minds, emotions and will change as well. But this is not so with God. He is not different today than he was yesterday – or when Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were alive. The same God who has forever been, doing amazing things for the history of the earth and beyond, is the same God who you and I interact with today. Same power. Same motives. Same goodness. Same everything.

3 Responses in Light of a God Who Does Not Change

So then how do we react to the fact that God is “immutable” and unchanging? First, we find comfort in our suffering and in our salvation. He is not worried about the crisis in your life – He cares but is not worried. He is steady and will sustain you. He also promised to save those who put their faith in Him. If he said it, he will do it, so rest assured in your salvation.

Also, we must pray with conformity to His will. He is the steady one, we are not. At times we act like we know better than Him or have more experience at running life than He does. Not true. We must pray and ask that His way wins in our life and that He will calm or shaking souls to trust in His steadiness.

Finally, we can live with confidence. God is ruling the world with His feet up. He is totally in control and will not be shaken. The Bible says that he is our “Mighty fortress”. We can derive great confidence in living with Him as our foundation and covering every day of our life.

God Never Changes, Never improves, Never Has Regrets. Never.

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  1. Amazing word once we understand that all things worketh for our good as written in Romans 8:28,then we can approach changes in our life not only with positivity but also with a changed attitude and faith. Glory to God.
    God bless you for a good article.


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