cross woodIn 2002 I was speaking at an event in Ocean City, Maryland where my friend, Ron Hutchcraft, was also speaking. The second night of the event was the night that we had all been praying for; it was the night that Ron was going to share the gospel message.  We were all living with anticipation and hope that many of the four thousand teens at the event would put their trust in Christ.

When Ron gave them the chance to accept Christ the response was overwhelming. Hundreds of people came to put their trust and faith in Christ. It was one of the most moving nights of my life.

As Ron walked off the stage, he put his hand firmly on my shoulder and got right in my face. With passion in his eyes he said, Always preach the cross, Josh, there is power in that hunk of wood.” I still have not forget that statement.

That hunk of wood, The Cross, changed everything for everyone forever. We all are faced with the decision to either believe in a gracious and forgiving God, or walk away from the forgiveness He offers us. I choose to cling to the Cross and preach it as my life depends on it. Because it does.

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