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Radical Faithfulness: A Message on Luke 19:11-27 and the Parable of the Ten Minas


This message is on the parable of the minas in Luke 19. Jesus tells this story to make at least two points. One has to do with the timing of His second coming being a long way off. The other has to do with how we are stewarding what we’ve been given in the meantime. The message is easy...

The Messiah in the Book of Isaiah


The storyline of redemption unfolds throughout the Holy Scriptures and reveals God’s intent to reconcile people to Himself and establish His kingdom on earth. With each turn of the page we find a piece of His plan fall into place, His promises kept, and His prophecies fulfilled. The book of Isaiah is one of the clearest depictions of all...

Stephen Furtick’s 12 Audacious Faith Confessions


These confessions were written by Stephen Furtick, Pastor of Elevation Church. He wrote them in his book, "Sun Stand Still." They following statements should serve as claims for confidence in Christ because who He is and what He can do through us. I am fully forgiven and free from all shame and condemnation (Romans 8:1-2, Ephesians 1:7-8, 1 John 1:9) I...

How To Highlight and Color Your Bible Effectively


This is a guest post from Jenna Marie Belcher Have you ever thought you knew an entire song and the meaning by merely listening to it a few times? I can remember one Friday night, while out with my friends, I got up to sing karaoke thinking I KNEW the words backwards and forwards- to “My Heart Will Go On”. ...

Shame on Who?


Over the years I’ve spoken with hundreds of people who have opened up and told me their secret failings, chronic struggles, and agonizing wounds. In moments away from eavesdropping ears or in email exchanges away from prying eyes, people have expressed their sense of being chained and constrained, and their desperation to break free. There’s a good chance you experience...

Do Good. Don’t Sin.


How often we make excuses without realizing the true impact that these decisions have on ourselves, those around us, and the God we serve. We must act in obedience to God's will.

Who You Be: Knowing Your Identity in Christ


  Here are some other resources that may be helpful as you journey to know your identity in Christ: "Who Do You Think You Are?" by Mark Driscoll Who Do You Think You Are? is an exploration of the issue of identity and an encouraging examination of what it means to be “in Christ.” Pastor Mark takes the book of Ephesians and applies it...

Jordan Murphy’s Story of Escaping the Aurora Shooting


Ten days ago Colorado experienced another tragedy. Sadly, our State is not unfamiliar with loss. The Columbine massacre, the YWAM shootings, wildfires and other disasters have caused us great pain before. But even pain can have its hidden purposes in the hand of God. Last week I was able to sit down with Jordan Murphy, a young man who escaped the shooting on...

This Could Be Your Greatest Year Yet


I've always considered a new year as a fresh start. A time to right what I did wrong and place something new where something needs to be replaced. For mosts of my adult years (if not also in my elementary ones) I've made a list of my hopes and dreams for the next twelve months. It has been my...