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How to Get Free From the Bondage of Sin


Sin is sticky. Like rubber cement all over our hand, we try hard to get it off and in turn just go on making a bigger mess. Finlly when we think we've got it off, the sticky residue still remains. Christ came so that we could have freedom. Freedom from his wrath. Freedom from our guilt and shame. Freedom from...

How to Have Your Best Year Yet: Biblical Essentials from the Life of Daniel (Daniel 1-6)


PREFER AUDIO OR WANT TO HEAR MORE?   An updated version of this topic appears in iTunes on GOSPEL DAILY.  Listen to Part 1 HERE; and Part 2 HERE.

Thank God: Practical Ways to Show Gratitude to the Almighty


One of my favorite movies of all time is The Count of Monte Christo. It’s a story about a man named Edmond Dontez escapes from the Cheteau D’if, which is like the Alcatraz of France. Exhausted and wave-battered from his getaway he wakes up on the beach of a far off island to find that he has been discovered by...

Let’s Celebrate (Psalm 100:1-5)


Let's Celebrate - Psalm 100:1-5 - Mike Romberger and Josh Weidmann - December 1, 2013 from Mission Hills Church on Vimeo. Preaching Outline: SEGMENT 1: INTRO AND VERSE 1 AND 2 - BOTH walk out from back stage, Mike starts by explain the service and praying. - Josh reads Ps. 100 entirely. (found on page ____ in the seatback Bibles)   Intro Material: ·  The Title...

Radical Surrender (Luke 9:1-9)


Preaching Outline: Attn: Intro to my story and time at MHC (magic pic): God uses us in spite of us. PRAY – kneel. God, thank you for using us thought we are not worthy to be used. Thank you for taking us from utter despair and leading us to utter dependence upon you… INTRODUCTION: Attn: Hide Seek and Scare w/ Lewis Quote: The...