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One of my goals with JoshWeidmann.com is to serve you by encouraging you to live out a Christ-centered life. You can trust that every product I mention has been used or tested by me or one of my team. While there are products and services I mention that have no affiliate partnership, it should always be assumed that any product link on JoshWeidmann.com is an affiliate link as I seek to create partnerships that I recommend to you in order to keep this blog running.  What is great is that affiliate commissions are of no additional cost to you, and occasionally may even involve a discount for you!
Please note that products that I recommend on this site are only chosen if I believe that they help me in my mission regardless of any affiliate commission.
Do you use a product or service not mentioned on the site that you think I should try?  I would love to hear about it! You can email me at josh [at ]joshweidmann [dot] com to tell me about it!