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I Want to Punch God.


Life is not fair. God is always fair. Shelly (name changed) is a woman who has had a very hard life. The things she has told me in our counseling sessions are enough to make me depressed. I’ve told her time and again, “I wish there was a ‘reset’ button I could push for you. Life has been so hard...

The Messiah in the Book of Isaiah


The storyline of redemption unfolds throughout the Holy Scriptures and reveals God’s intent to reconcile people to Himself and establish His kingdom on earth. With each turn of the page we find a piece of His plan fall into place, His promises kept, and His prophecies fulfilled. The book of Isaiah is one of the clearest depictions of all...

Stephen Furtick’s 12 Audacious Faith Confessions


These confessions were written by Stephen Furtick, Pastor of Elevation Church. He wrote them in his book, "Sun Stand Still." They following statements should serve as claims for confidence in Christ because who He is and what He can do through us. I am fully forgiven and free from all shame and condemnation (Romans 8:1-2, Ephesians 1:7-8, 1 John 1:9) I...

Great Opener for Sermon to Teens


A Friend of mine asked me if had any good "Openers" for a sermon he was going to give at the local Lutheran High School chapel. After giving a little thought, I told him that I had one I've used many times, and it pulls the teen right in-without fail. I told him that you could speak on just...

How I Format My Sermon Outline


  For over a decade I have tried to find the best way to format my sermon notes. I've asked some of the greatest living known preachers how they do it and if I could see theirs. I research and read about others notes (of which Josh Harris has one of the best blogs on this topic). Although I have...

How To Highlight and Color Your Bible Effectively


This is a guest post from Jenna Marie Belcher Have you ever thought you knew an entire song and the meaning by merely listening to it a few times? I can remember one Friday night, while out with my friends, I got up to sing karaoke thinking I KNEW the words backwards and forwards- to “My Heart Will Go On”. ...

Gap Management: Making the Most of Every Moment


There is no such thing as a spare moment. Every minute I've been given must account for something, whether I like it or not. Even the "down time" that is incorporated in my life is not "spare" or "wasted" but intentional and celebrated. Recently I was on a call with my assistant (the world's greatest, I am sure if it)....

This Could Be Your Greatest Year Yet


I've always considered a new year as a fresh start. A time to right what I did wrong and place something new where something needs to be replaced. For mosts of my adult years (if not also in my elementary ones) I've made a list of my hopes and dreams for the next twelve months. It has been my...

Thank God: Practical Ways to Show Gratitude to the Almighty


One of my favorite movies of all time is The Count of Monte Christo. It’s a story about a man named Edmond Dontez escapes from the Cheteau D’if, which is like the Alcatraz of France. Exhausted and wave-battered from his getaway he wakes up on the beach of a far off island to find that he has been discovered by...