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Training I Pursued to Preach Better


My job is to help people. While all jobs have some bad days, this is one that I enjoy even on the worst days. However, I know that my primary calling in life is to preach. I believe that this is the reason why I was created (it has taken me years to even get to the point of...

Where is The Recipe for Raising Kids?


Making pumpkin pancakes is much harder than I thought. So is being a dad. Last Saturday I thought I’d try out our new mixer. After all, it is fall, so pumpkin pancakes seem to be calling my name. As for the mixer, well, we got it last Christmas and I wasn’t about to let a whole 12-months go by without...

Interview: New TV show, “Of Kings and Prophets,” and Keeping Boundaries at Home


A few of the questions from this interview: 1. The new ABC show “Of King and Prophets” aired this week showing some of the most bloody parts of the Bible. What’s your take on this? Do these gruesome Bible scenes turn people off of the scriptures?  I found this article helpful to explain the approach of the show. 2. You are doing a new...

You Can Cry On Me. Your Tears Are Warm.


Loss hurts no matter when it comes. Even necessary endings have a way of hurting – though we knew that or they had to go. As a biblical counselor, tears are a regular part of my day. When people come in my office and feel the freedom to cry, I am honored. I don’t take it for granted when someone...

A New Way to Think About Downtime


I don't rest well. I find a way to get busy doing something with every minute of my day. While I think it is good to be efficient and as productive as possible, we also need to make sure that we find ways to be refreshed. It is only fair that we live life to the fullest and give ourselves...

Soothe Your Election Anxiety

election anxiety

"How could you possibly vote for....?" "You're voting for WHO????" "If you vote for ________, you can't really be a Christian." "A REAL Christian would vote for _________." "If _________ is elected, our nation will not survive." "If you're voting for __________ you can unfriend me right now!" There’s little doubt that the potential fallout from this year’s election may ripple well beyond even the...

Remind Us That You Are the Giver of Life


Dear God, Giver of Life, We forget how precious you are at times, and in doing so, we forget how precious life is. Yet, in-spite of our shallow view of you, God, you patiently wait for us to remember the depth of your goodness. We complain over the struggles of life, all the while forgetting the privilege we have to live. Yet, God, you patiently...

Lest We Forget God’s Love


Over the last decade, I have become increasingly aware of God’s supremacy in all things. Through study, conversation, circumstance, and spiritual maturation, the sovereign rule and reign of Christ as Savior and Lord has propelled me to a loftier view of God. This is not wrong; however, this paradigm shift has caused my view of God’s love and the...

When Urgent Needs to Wait


I’ve heard many strong leaders give this piece of advice; “Don’t let the urgent knock out the important.” While I appreciate that statement, I find it much harder to implement than it seems. Differentiating between the urgent and the important is a task in-and-of itself. The urgent things in my job usually fall under the umbrella of leadership. These are the...

Trusting God When It Doesn’t Make Sense


Cancer is never fair, but it seems especially cruel when it strikes a child. Two-year-old David was taken by his mother Deborah to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where they met with Dr. John Truman, a specialist in treating children with cancer and various blood diseases. Dr. Truman's leukemia prognosis was devastating: “David has a 50-50 chance of survival.” Countless...

Leadership Requires Thinking Outside the Helmet


Leadership takes nerve. It demands a willingness to risk comfort, acceptance, and peace-of-mind, in order to find or create something that will impact people like nothing else ever has before. Even as a pastor, I am having to think beyond what has been done and reach deep into the caverns of my imagination for ideas inspired by God to change...