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3 Questions To Ask at Every Meeting


Meetings have become a regular part of my life.  I spend most of my day in meetings with other people. I spend a lot of time meeting with my staff or elders. I also meet with people in the church who have (1) concerns that they would like to share, (2) hopes that they would like to express, or (3)...

Stand Up and Be Counted


We take stands for all kinds of things. Think about it: we vote in America so that our voice is heard, we sign petitions when we think something is wrong, we speak out for certain causes we think are important, and we make use of social media to post our thoughts when a deep conviction in our heart finally...

Anger Makes Us to Do Crazy Things


A few nights ago I was at a restaurant with my wife and her sister. As we arose from the table I noticed the two guys sitting behind us checking out my sister-in-law. I overhead them making crass comments about her what they would like to do with her if they ever got the chance. My sister-in-law is an...

Free Counseling Notes Template


As a counselor, taking notes is one of the most important parts of my job.   The details shared with me in a counseling session are sensitive and critical, so I want to capture what I can. I also hear a lot of information over the course of many cases, so taking notes helps me keep the details straight. I...

My Socks & the Sovereignty of God


It was bone-chilling cold outside, as most nights are in Chicago. I had just gotten off from waiting tables at a restaurant on Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile and was making the trek back to my apartment. I was disappointed that my tips were nothing more than a measly nineteen dollars. I just wanted to get home and have a...

How I Format My Sermon Outline


  For over a decade I have tried to find the best way to format my sermon notes. I've asked some of the greatest living known preachers how they do it and if I could see theirs. I research and read about others notes (of which Josh Harris has one of the best blogs on this topic). Although I have...

How to get the most out of your vacation for your soul


Christmas is here! For many of us, this means some vacation time. Hopefully you get You're probably checking in for flights or packing the car for a trip to Grandma's house. Whether you're taking a long weekend or a whole week away, there's one question worth considering: How are you preparing your soul for vacation? We spend so much time rushing around...

Hanging By a Thread


The last 24 hours have seemed as if my entire world was falling apart. Have you had those days where you’re sure if someone else asks something of you, you just might lose you ever-loving mind? Have you been so stressed your teeth hurt? Has all food ever lost its appeal, primarily because you don’t even have time to eat,...

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Screen Time for Kids


The issue isn’t just about kids having these devices in the first place, it is about what they do with them. We need to consider what impact the time and devices are having on our kids. Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to screen time.

Treasuring Christ Above All Things


Being worthy of Christ does not seem like an achievable goal to me. How can I “earn the right” to “be entitled” to something as high and noble as Christ Himself? I was struck with a passage today that spoke of being worthy of Christ, or on the contrary, it explained what makes us unworthy of Him. Matthew chapter...

Training I Pursued to Preach Better


My job is to help people. While all jobs have some bad days, this is one that I enjoy even on the worst days. However, I know that my primary calling in life is to preach. I believe that this is the reason why I was created (it has taken me years to even get to the point of...