Readers are Leaders. 

If you are not reading, then you are not improving your skills and you will quickly be irrelevant. A true leader takes the time to read so that they are learning new things and stay relevant with those they are reaching, selling to or serving. In the above video, I share about how I read regularly.

I have an insatiable desire to learn. Reading is the main way I learn—but that doesn’t mean I have to be sitting in an oversized chair and read a book. I can “Read” on the go through audible books. I can read at night in the dark with my iPad (on night mode). I can read on my porch with a print book. I can also consume books by reading summaries and not the entire thing.

Here are the sites and apps I mentioned in the video that help me consume material quickly:

  • This is a great site, owned by Amazon. I have a monthly subscription and think it is so worth it! I love the ease of reading books by listening to them.
  • Feedly App: I have this on my phone and tablet. It is great! So customizable and I love the “read Later” and “share” features.
  • Leadership Summaries: This is worth every penny! This guy does a great job reviewing old and new books. You can read the “Nutshell” summary or the full summary. I love it.
  • [update!] Leader Box: This new resource from Michael Hyatt is amazing! Not only do you get some great books, but you get summaries, reading plans and more! This is a great investment.


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