“How could you possibly vote for….?”

“You’re voting for WHO????”

“If you vote for ________, you can’t really be a Christian.”

“A REAL Christian would vote for _________.”

“If _________ is elected, our nation will not survive.”

“If you’re voting for __________ you can unfriend me right now!”

There’s little doubt that the potential fallout from this year’s election may ripple well beyond even the youngest generation today. We would be ignorant at best if we fail to recognize the significance of this moment. As followers of Jesus—with friends, family members, colleagues, romantic interests, clients, and so many others in our lives—how do we navigate the stress and anxiety of this election season in a gospel-centered way?

I’ve written a piece that’s published on Crosswalk.com titled SCRIPTURES TO SOOTHE YOUR ANXIETY ABOUT ELECTION DAY.  

Take some deep breaths and follow this link to read.

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