This week on Gospel Daily, we will begin our series on the book of Ruth entitled “The Best is Yet to Come”. I began preaching this series right at the time the COVID-19 crisis started to affect America. I’ve had the privilege of preaching the story of Ruth from a “threshing floor” near Bethlehem. However, taking the time to preach this in detail in the midst of this season has been refreshing!

We will be airing this series on Ruth over the next few weeks on Gospel Daily.

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TUESDAY: Love for the Long-Haul, Part 1 — Ruth Overview

Love is often thought of as nothing more than a feeling, and as long as both parties “feel love” then the commitment continues. When the feeling fades, love dies. But that is not biblical love. Love is not short-term; God loves us for the long-haul and we are told to love like God, being faithful, full of mercy, quick to forgive. In the book of Ruth, we see the theme of Hesed love and an example we are to have in our own relationships.

WEDNESDAY: Love for the Long-Haul, Part 2 — Ruth Overview

THURSDAY: God Maybe Quiet, But He is Never Absent, Part 1 — Ruth 1:1-6

No one had to grapple with the reality of God’s silence as much as Naomi in Ruth’s story today. There are seasons of silence from God in our life, but He is always active and present. In this message, we will look at the first six—tragic—verses of Ruth and identify 4 reasons God can feel silent and what our reaction should be.

FRIDAY: God Maybe Quiet, But He is Never Absent, Part 2 — Ruth 1:1-6

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