Watch: Elizabeth Hunnicutt’s “God of Hope” video 

This woman has an amazing voice and a great heart for God. She has been at our church twice in the last 30 days and each time I am more impressed with her character and skill. I think her Christmas album “Arrival” is my favorite Christmas album this year. In this video, your can hear her heart for the hurting and her song “God of Hope,” which is a welcomed balm for the soul.

Read: Entertainment Weekly’s Best and Worst 2014

I think it is important to stay current with culture. I picked up a copy on Zino of Entertainment Weekly issue #1341. I am a Jimmy Fallon groupie because I think there is a lot to learn from him. He is featured as the entertainer of the year and some great insights to his success are given within this issue. While I certainly don’t endorse all the content or perspectives in this magazine, it is a good buy for $4.99, even just for the Fallon article.

Buy: Moleskine Pocket Journals

I have been carrying a small journal in my pocket for the last two months now. this journal is a collection of conversations, brainstorms, and insights I gather along the way. I love it. Yes, I know my phone can do this, but I find there to be something more valuable to me in seeing the written word on paper. Perhaps this is the influence of my brother. I recommend these journals! They end up only being about $2.50 a piece.

Read: Resolve to be a life-long Learner

David Mathis, the Executive Director of Desiring God gives a great discourse on how we are to discipline ourselves to continually grow. He states, “God designed the church to be a community of lifelong learners under the earthly guidance of leaders who are teachers at heart.” In this blog post, we are given five principles for life-long learning. I found this inspiring.

Read: Sexual Brokeness and the Hope of the Gospel

This great little eBook is only $2.99 right now. Russell Moore took lectures from the 2014 the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and placed then together in this great little read. I counsel primarily on sexual issues these days, so I found this book to be worth every penny. There is not a more relevant battle we have to engage in as Christians than the war of human sexuality and sin.
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