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There is a lot of buzz lately about what is going on in our culture. It seems like things that were once immoral are now legal and what is legal goes against what the church has always stood for.

Christians have a way of getting worked up over things the world decides, as if we expected them to act more “godly” or “biblical.” That is crazy; the darkness doesn’t know the light, the world doesn’t know the truth so why do we get worked up thinking that they should know better. The truth is, they don’t.

And on top of this, then Christians go on and start arguing over what is “Right or wrong in the church.” People have asked me, “Is this thing the government is doing okay for in the church?” Or “I heard of guy who did something drastic to change his sexual orientation? Does the church allow that?”

We are asking the wrong question. We shouldn’t be asking “Does the church allow this thing or that thing?” That’s not even a biblical question. Rather we need to be asking, “What does Christ ask for I give my life to him?”

If we evaluate our desires and the things that culture says through the lens of “What does Christ want from me”, we’ll be much more in alignment with the call of Christianity.

He is asking for us to follow him. to “Lay down our life to gain true life.” When we start evaluating our decision by “what does Christ ask of me” rather than “what does the church allow?” we get away from a mindset of “what can I get away with” and start thinking “what do I get instead in Christ!”

The truth is, He said he would give us life, that he would give us more of HIM. The greatest thing God can give us is himself.

So let’s stop asking “what is allowed?” and start asking “What does Christ want from me so that I can have more of Him?”


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