The holiday season is a time that many people look forward to every year; I know I do. But it’s also the time when people are most likely to feel anxious, depressed, or generally overwhelmed by life. With so much pressure during the holidays, it can be difficult to see what’s ahead and trust that everything will be okay!

The holidays are supposed to be about faith, joy, and family—but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy. We can deal with these feelings in various ways: taking a deep breath, having a sincere prayer time, indulging in more Bible reading, or even getting some help from a biblical counselor. If we are diligent to pursue the peace of Christ through holiday festivities are present (or any other time) we’ll be more steadfast in our faith and emotions when the season of celebrating is behind us.

Different ways you can pursue peace in Christ

When the holidays are over, many people feel a sense of loss. They may feel anxious about the year ahead, or they may feel like they have to compare their lives to others’. Here are a few ways you can pursue peace in your faith and emotions after the festivities:

  1. Talk to a friend or family member about how you’re feeling. It can be helpful to express your thoughts and feelings to somebody else, and it can also be comforting to know that you’re not alone.
  2. Write in a journal. This is another great way to express your thoughts and feelings, and it can also be helpful in tracking your progress over time. My friend Donald Whitney, author of Spiritual Disciplines, wrote, “A journal is a place where we can give expression to the fountain of our heart, where we can unreservedly pour out our passion before the Lord.” That may be exactly what you need.
  3. Find an activity that brings you joy. Whether it’s a walk through your neighborhood, a nap with your cat, or just cleaning up around the house, taking time for yourself can help you to recharge. “Give thanks” to the Lord for these things and be sure to enjoy the common graces He gives us (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18).
  4. Start a new Bible reading plan. Nothing can substitute for quality moments in God’s Word. He uses the Holy Spirit to speak to us and bring us clarity and peace.

Biblical advice for getting over the holiday blues

The Bible has a lot of advice for getting over the holiday blues. One of the best things to do is to spend time with God. He is a great listener, and He will help you find peace during this difficult time. You can also read Psalm 34 or Psalm 27. Both of these psalms focus on the Lord and how we can trust Him.

You can also read Psalm 147:3 and realize that God is an awesome Creator who still takes time to be with us today! We may not see the greatness of God directly, but He does give us signs throughout the Bible which we can look to and trust in.

Jesus was a master at taking time away from the stress of life to pray and connect with his Father. You can read about some of these times when Jesus got alone with God in Matthew 14:15–21, Mark 6:31–46, Luke 5:16–20, and John 6:15–21.

One of the best ways to get your mind off all the holiday stress is to pray with a friend or family member. Praying with another person can really help many people, and it’s a great way to connect during this special time.

If you need any more support on how to cope with the holiday blues, there are plenty of people in your local church community who would be willing to help. Our church family should be a go-to when we need to break out of a funk or find encouragement in our faith. It may feel vulnerable to ask someone to help you, but I think you’ll be surprised to find that the other person feels much the same way you do.

Above all, pursue Christ

In conclusion, there are many ways you can deal with the anxiety and pressures that come with the start of a new year. Maybe you need to take a deep breath and look at what’s ahead, or maybe ask God to help you understand your own anxiety better so you can turn from constant worry or fear and find true and lasting freedom in Christ. While it’s not easy to get over the holiday blues, if we focus on growing closer to God at the beginning of the New Year, we will see our worries fade and can experience abundant life in Christ.


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