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Anxiety plagues all of us at some level. There are things in our past, present, or future that cause our thoughts to go crazy and our hearts to become fearful. How can we trust God when what we see or feel doesn’t make sense? When we face worry, fear, or anxiety, we can feel totally out of control. When circumstances are in chaos, it can feel like God is not even able to stop the madness. In this course, we will identify how to renew our thinking and gain a greater focus on Christ, our Prince of Peace.

This course is meant to be the perfect companion for Josh’s book, “The End of Anxiety.” This journey with the author will help you further apply the principles within the pages of the book.

I hope you will hop over to this FREE four-part course on YouTube and join me. We are on this journey together! My hope is that you will be able to see God’s purpose in your anxiety and find relief along the way.

What will you be able to do when you are done with this course?

  • See the purpose of anxiety and how God uses it for His glory
  • Find practical ways to apply God’s Word to your most fearful, worried, and panicked moments
  • Support those around you who face anxiety
  • Explain the source of anxiety
  • Be prepared to fight biblically for when anxiety comes back again

Who will you become by the end?

  • A person who sees the power of the Gospel as a means of helping you with your most overwhelming emotions
  • An expert on ways to combat anxiety biblically and how to help others do the same
  • A peaceful person, who at times may still have moments of anxiety, but you are confident to fight through those moments with the power of Christ.

Why does this matter?

  • Anxiety is not meant to get the best of you — Christ is. You must fight through this in order to be able to fulfill the greater purposes God has for you.
  • Your family, friends, and co-workers need you to press through this anxiety and find greater peace.
  • The enemy can’t win! Satan is God’s enemy and yours. He wants you to believe lies that anxiety and worry tell us. We must press through, trusting that God’s power and purposes are stronger.

As we begin to course, be sure to have three things ready:

  1. A Bible. Use one that you are not afraid to mark-up. I believe a well-marked Bible will help you find your way back to key passages that God used in your life. I have several copies of the ESV Journaling Bible. Check out this one by my brother, Jake.
  2. A Journal. Any old journal will do, but here is my favorite one. You are going to want to keep a record of what God shows you through this journey.
  3. Your Copy of “The End of Anxiety.” This course is based on the book and I assume you’ll be reading each chapter along the way. If you don’t have a copy yet, grab one here.
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