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My brother said to me recently, “Don’t be afraid to try something you are not ready for, because it will most certainly grow your dependence upon God.” He was right – comfort can often lead to stagnant faith.

Time and again the Bible tells stories of men and women who had to try something that stretched them in order to accomplish great things. Think of Noah and his faith to build an ark – not sure if the flood would actually come. Moses had to lead his people – though he didn’t know exactly where he was going. Esther had faith to risk her life and beg the king for mercy – not knowing if he would kill her by a simply command.

The Bible is full of self-starters, people who were willing to step out. But truth be told, these people could not or would not have moved in faith if they didn’t have a clear conviction from God that steamed out of their dependence upon Him.

As God said to Joshua, another God-Dependent self-starter, “Be Strong and Courageous… I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Joshua 1:9). Take these words as an encouragement to get off the blocks and try something that will stretch you. Pray right now and ask God what He needs you to do that you’ve been hesitating on because of fear or lack of faith. Then, with His leading, step out and take action.

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