Good Friday is a tradition that has been celebrated for centuries by the Christian church. It is meant to be a day of remembrance about the crucifixion of Christ and His earthly death on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

For hundreds of years, churches around the world gather in the afternoon or evening to reflect on the death of Christ and take communion together. This year is different. Because we are under a ‘stay at home’ order in Colorado, our church is not able to gather. There has not been a Good Friday like this before, and there may never be one like it again.

Nonetheless, with the church scattered, we have chosen to post an all-day prayer service that will play every hour throughout the day on Good Friday on our website Seven members of our staff have given a short devotional and prayer prompt through this 56-minute service. People can watch it, be ministered to by it, and participate with the Holy Spirit by engaging in prayer between sections.

If you are looking for a Good Friday service to attend — or you want to meditate on the Cross this any other day of the year — you can do so by clicking it below. This is a journey through the “Seven Cries of the Cross.” I hope this ministers to you! It sure did to me!


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