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“I Promise, I promise I promise.”

We often will say these words wether we mean them or not. My grandma use to say that we make “Pie Crust Promises.” A Pie crust promise is something that is easily made and easily broken.

But that’s us. God doesn’t do that. When he makes a promise, he keeps it every time. without fail. He made hundreds of promises in the Bible with his People, and he came true and is still coming true on them, always.

I was recently reflecting back on the promises that he gave to Joshua in the Bible. Here was this leader in the Bible that was most likely devastated at one point because his mentor and father figure, and leader was dead. Yet, God turned to Joshua after Moses’s death and sad, “You lead… But I promise you that I will be with you.”

In fact, in Joshua chapter 1, verses 3 through 9, God made 5 promises and in the end He kept good on all of them. First he promised Joshua that he would keep his promise to Moses. Everywhere he said he would give them land, he would give it to them through Joshua.

Second, He promised that “No one would stand against you”. How would you like whip that promise out on your enemy, boss or someone out to get you…”God is on my side, sorry, no one will stand against me!” Yep, well that was true for Joshua. He defeated impossible armies and cities.

Then he promised Joshua that he would be with him wherever he went. That was perhaps the most practical of all of the promises – the fact that God would never, ever leave His side! Wow! Ultimately, it was because of God’s presence with Joshua that he was able to be strong and courageous in the hardest moments of his life.

Fourth God promised Joshua that he would have success where ever he went, as long as he stayed close to the commandments of God.

Finally, he gave a promise and a command, wrapped in one: the promise was ‘You have nothing to fear!” so he told him, “Do not be afraid, don’t get discouraged. Keep your head up.” He could do this because the other promises would come true.

So for you and I, we too can rest on the promises of God. He has said that if we believe in Him and walk in His truth that He will be with us – no matter where we go.

And listen, there is nothing greater that God can give us than Himself!

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