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This message is on the parable of the minas in Luke 19. Jesus tells this story to make at least two points. One has to do with the timing of His second coming being a long way off. The other has to do with how we are stewarding what we’ve been given in the meantime. The message is easy to apply if we are willing to be honest about what we have been given. We ALL have things that God has given us (time, talent, and resources) and need to be encouraged to use those things for God’s Kingdom, not just for ourselves.

Sometimes people feel guilty after a message like this, but then get discouraged thinking, “How could I possibly add ONE MORE THING to my schedule?!” Josh helps them think less in terms of adding, and more in terms of utilizing what they are currently doing for God. Yes, some people may need to cut things out of their lives in order to be more effective. Others may need to start serving somewhere.

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