Preaching Outline:

Attn: Intro to my story and time at MHC (magic pic): God uses us in spite of us.

PRAY – kneel. God, thank you for using us thought we are not worthy to be used. Thank you for taking us from utter despair and leading us to utter dependence upon you…


Attn: Hide Seek and Scare w/ Lewis Quote: The idea that God would be enough scary

Theme/Relv: Forturn Cookie, “All you need is Jesus”? What does that really mean? Growing up in church – but never really know how to apply. For example:

–        To Hungry Person – Jesus is all you need – how does that curb their hunger?

–        Person w/ cancer – Jesus is all you need – how does that cure their cancer?

–        Single person – all you need is Jesus – how does that calm their anxious/lonely nights?

–        Worn out mom – all you need is Jesus – how does that give her peace of mind to keep going on laundry, scrapping the baked mac ‘n cheese off the microwave, diaper?


It is a true statement, but doesn’t seem to be realistic statement b/c of my other needs. Truth is – modern comforts rarely allow us to feel what it means to need JC completely.


(Transition-God): But we’re not alone in this. Bible is full of people who really were faced with the choice – will we have total dependence on JC or will he just be a crutch.

·       In series called “Radical” Mike has done a great job at making the cost clear for what it means to walk the radical road. The Gospel of Luke is written by one of the very men who followed Jesus and had to experience total dependence on JC.

·       Recounting Luke 8: Jesus had power over demon, disease, death and d’weather.

·       Now in Ch. 9 (exegetical idea) JC prepared the disciples for future impact (post-Pentecost) by sending them on a mission w/ nothing expect His power and authority.


v. 1-2: He called… He Gave… He Sent (read)

·       A Divine Dress Rehearsal (internship, dry run, trainee): God’s way of preparing them for post resurrection. JC had to go so another could come (Jn 14:12) and this would empower them and us to do great signs and wonders for the kingdom of God.

o   Needed a dress rehearsal to give them the confidence for later so their impact could be greater. APP: God is good to give us the experiences we need (prov: wisdom) to do fulfill our call in future. My ministry journey frm RG to CS

·       He called. God’s call is always the beginning of greater impact on us and the world. APP: God initiates an invitation and we can (1) run- Jonah or (2) come close – Christ

o   Our 1st call is to be closer to Him. BE vs. DO. Trust His will vs. do our own.

·       He gave. This no small thing in light of Ch. 8: He gave them the radical power (capacity, energy, force) he just demonstrated, AND the authority to use it.

o   APP: power without authority leads to destruction (many leaders make this mistake), power w/ authority leads to life transformation (for them and others). ILL: Chandler behind the wheel. All the power w/o authority. Destruction.

·       He sent. He gave them power over (1) demons and to cure (2) disease, but the way this is written by Luke emphasizes that the greater purpose that JC sent them was to (3) proclaim the Kingdom of God. Not just a destination but is God’s presence.

o   “Sent” is apostello from it we get the word “Apostles” – sent ones. Purpose.

o   Proclaim and Heal. They were not just God’s handymen, had a message. Here!

o   Being sent w/ power proved the K of God was here (Luke 11:20).  JC making the point that ‘The kingdom was already here in Him.’ Already/Not Yet.

§  This is significant for them AND us. Means his rule and reign was/is present. B/c He is here and God is overall we can trust Him over-all areas!


v. 3: Take nothing, not even the essentials, because all you need is Me

·       Weird instruction – “Take nothing” not even the essentials. Molly’s trip list J

·       This could have been because he (1) didn’t want them to look like false teachers/peddlers of the gospel, preaching for personal gain (bag lady) or (2) b/c it was a short trip, or (3) to teach them dependence on nothing but His power:

1.      No staff: Staff = protection. As if he was saying, “I will be your protection.”

2.      No bag: place for possessions. I am worth more than earthly possessions.

3.      No bread: Meaning any food. Carb lover. I will be your daily sustenance.

4.      No money: ATM? I can meet your needs better than monetary provisions.

5.      No extra tunic: Like an undergarment. This is just the bare essentials. I want you to find comfort in me even beyond your daily comforts and conveniences.

·       This was boot camp to teach them utter dependence on Him. This type of “packing list” wouldn’t have been true of later (post-Pentecost) missionary journeys.

o   At the last supper, he asked, “When I sent you out with no moneybag or knapsack or sandals, did you lack anything?” They said, “Nothing.” -Lk 22:35 ok b/c we had you.

·       How would they have known this if it hadn’t been tested? In the same way, how can we trust JC as our all if we don’t have trials that cause is to lean harder into Him.

·       Take nothing because all you need is me. Reminded of this by the sock lady


(theological idea) The kingdom of God is here (His sovereign reign) so His children can trust that he will provide them with protection, provision, purpose and power if we will surrender to His will and obey His call.


v. 4: Don’t seek temporary comfort, be content wherever you are

·       A committed life can sometimes be an uncomfortable life. b/c we are living according to priorities more than our preferences. My mom and I in India/No Hilton

·       Wherever you are, stay. No hotel hopping = don’t just seek temporary comfort.

·       As if he is saying, “Trust my sovereignty” where you land will be part of my plan. I’ll lead you. Wherever you go, stay there. I have a purpose for you there.  Too often we write our circumstances off to coincidence rather than providence. Be still my soul

·       Complete surrender is complete contentment. This is not easy, comes w/ depth.


v. 5: Leave judgment up to me (brush off your sandals)π

·       Jewish custom against a gentile city, so when disciples (Jews to Jews) did this to them, it was a very bold statement. (Acts 13:51, Lk 10:11- K. of God is here)

o   A warning to the town that judgment was coming their way. Turn and repent.

·       A hard word of truth brings some people to grace. Don’t duct tape a bible to the end of a bat and beat people over the head. Grace and Truth – bold stance in love.

·       Is this an anti-evangelism message? No, simply a call to leave the final judgment up to God. Don’t be discouraged. Keep on without hesitation b/c of setbacks.

·       Don’t take anything…and don’t collect (emotional) baggage. Rejection would come later, so this was preparation for that. JC warned we would be hated (Mt 10:22)

·       What this doesn’t this mean (and does mean) for us:

o   Doesn’t mean u decide who is beyond the reach of God. He decides destiny

o   Doesn’t mean You give up on people relationally for eternity – wrong, at times you disassociate correctly for the sake of repentance (don’t fortify enemies)

o   You enjoy avoidance or passivity – wrong, don’t let discouragement stop you or slow you down. Share the truth boldly regardless of outcomes. ILL:

·       Bottom-line: Rely on Jesus fully no matter your popularity. Obey regardless of results.



v. 6: They did as He said and saw the results.

·       He called, he gave, he sent and they departed. They did as he said! They surrendered to God’s will and saw great results. They did two things:

1.      Preaching the gospel – the good news that the kingdom of God was here.

2.      Healed People. Spiritual and physical healing came through their trip.

·       Note: Demons not mentioned. not b/c they didn’t do it but less impt to Luke (often too impt to us – we like the show, minimize the gospel. Don’t do that!)


The less we cling to in this world,

the more we will cling to Christ.


v. 7-8: Curiosity won’t save you but it must drive you to action (faith and belief).

·       How did Herod hear? Twitter, Facebook, the Today show, Gossip circles? Kind of…the good news has a way of being viral. Their preaching was effective and TL.

·       Perplexed – curious – unable to define in human terms (speechless) BECAUSE they couldn’t figure out who he is and were trying hard to do so. Though he was:

o   John the B – maybe thought spirit moved: Elijah to Elisha (2 Kings 2:1-15)

o   Elijah – b/c Mal. 4:5 says that he would reappear before the end of the age

o   A prophet – like Moses or Jeremiah. We need a great word… but he sent Logos

·       Jesus is greater still than all of these!

o   Jesus asked the disciples this question in a few chaps (11). Their answers were nearly the same, but they stated they believed he was the Christ.

o   Asks u directly too – Stop answering w/ what they say… who do you say He is?


v. 9: Who is this?

·       John I beheaded – Herod eliminated J the B so he knew this idea was erroneous. But he still had great curiously about who he had heard such things.

o   Notice that he didn’t want to see the disciples, he wanted to see JC; true preachers and servants of the Lord don’t stand in the way of JC being seen by pulling attention to themselves. They draw attention to Christ alone.

o   He wanted to see JC. (1) b/c he was jealous? (2) b/c he was curious for himself? (3) he was done w/ hearing about him (Foreshadowing of Lk 23:6-12)

·       Some of you are like Herod:

1.      Jealous b/c he has gotten more love and devotion than you.

2.     You are curious but won’t commit. Come and come but stay away. You are seeker, but are afraid to believe because:

§  You are worried of what others will think. So u hide behind your mask

§  You think it will affect your job, roles, or goals. Do you know better?

3.     You are done w/ hearing about Him. You kind of wish someone would give an answer beside – Jesus is all you need – b/c you think you’ve tried that.

4.     Are u seeking him for something rather than letting be main thing?

·       Let me ask u same Q as Herod: Who is this? Will you trust him w/ everything? Will u look to him for anything? Will u follow him w/ nothing holding u bk?

o   Becomes the main theme in this next section of Luke. It started in 8:25 and will be asked through the rest of the book.


Surrender Flags (this was my last sermon at my last church as first here)

·       You surrender to an enemy, you loose your life; you surrender to God, you gain it. There is a deep-seated joy & purpose when you surrender to your creator.

·       Explain the flags: (1) A Little, (2) Enough, and (3) Everything (A-2). Which one are you? What would it take to get you to the point of realizing the Jesus is enough?

·       Take Action: 1. Evaluate what you love more than God, and pray for wisdom to fix that (Food, Chandler, etc.), 2. Value Christ more by reading and praying and being w/ believers who help, 3. Get help w/ addictions, 4. Get saved today (I Said Yes!)


Imagine if we all were waving our white flags in surrender to Christ. The impact we could have as one church in our community, across the states and wrld w/ fam and friends, in the work place, etc! Imagine if we really lived like be believed. Our hope would be secure and our witness would be bold.





A-1: C.S. LEWIS Quote:

It is always shocking to meet life where we thought we were alone. “Look out!” we cry, “it’s alive.” And therefore this is the very point at which so many draw back–I would have done so myself if I could–and proceed no further with Christianity. An “impersonal God”–well and good. A subjective God of beauty, truth and goodness, inside our own heads–better still. A formless life-force surging through us, a vast power which we can tap–best of all. But God Himself, alive, pulling at the other end of the cord, perhaps approaching at an infinite speed, the hunter, king, husband–that is quite another matter. There comes a moment when the children who have been playing at burglars hush suddenly: was that a real footstep in the hall? There comes a moment when people who have been dabbling in religion (“Man’s search for God”!) suddenly draw back. Supposing we really found Him? We never meant it to come to that! Worse still, supposing He had found us! Miracles, chapter 11, 2nd paragraph from the end




A-2: Types of Surrender to God

A Little – this type of surrender holds to a convenient God. Comfort is more valued than Christ. This person will gladly admit they are a Christ follower when it doesn’t cause them embarrassment or an awkward moment. They will just as easily not mention Christ in order to avoid offending or not being accepted. Their prayer life is minimal and only based on crisis. Their Bible reading in confined to Sundays (if they go). Their will rules. This person wants Jesus to surrender to us!


“Enough” – this person is a “Good Christian” and have lived out their faith since they day they became a Christian – for the most part. They dabble in areas of disobedience to see if they will get hit but God’s proverbial “sanctifying electric fence” and when they don’t, they push the limits a little further. They are involved in church and usually make sure people know it. They pray with others and pray in Crisis but don’t pray much beyond that. They read the Bible at Bible study, church or in preparation for the two.


“Everything” – they count their life of no value, but see their life as Christ’s. If he says go they go. If he says no, they obey. There is nothing in this life worth more than knowing Christ. Their money is not their own, Their time is merely a vapor, yet they strive to spend it for JC. Their priorities are in line with the Christ at the top and everything else following behind. The pray continually, read their Bible faithfully and service unreservedly.

·      “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Matt 7:13-14

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