BacksliderMost preachers knows that on any given days the pews are full of babies up to grandparents of the faith, and everything in between. Preaching to a crowd that varies in spiritual maturity can be very hard. However, we must never be too quick to dumb down our message  to appease the spiritually A.D.D.

When I preach, I strive to serve both milk and meat (Heb. 5:12). It is important that the true disciples of Christ are fed nutrition for their soul that will give them a shot-in-the-arm for their faith. If we preach just to be flashy or esteemed by people, then we are missing our call of God.

Billy Sunday was on to something when he said that some people will like preaching just because it is good semantics, yet it can’t even “hit the side of the house.” But the true disciple delights for preaching that will push them to uncomfortable heights that are only achievable by the Holy Spirit and the perseverance of faith.


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