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What Did Jesus Mean in John 8:7, “If you are without sin throw the first stone”?


What did Jesus mean in John 8:7? Sermon Summary: It is easy to point out everyone else’s sin and forget that we have our own glaring weaknesses. God’s grace is sufficient for us, no matter what we have done. In the beginning of John 8 we see the character of Christ toward sinners who break the commands of God and the...

The Blind Preacher Who Saw Quite Well: A Short Bio of George Matheson


Some of the people who have impacted me the most in this life are those who have already passed from it. The preachers and writers of old have recorded deep thoughts about God that still echo through the generations and continue to proceed from their grave. One of those men is George Matheson, otherwise known as “The Blind Preacher.” In 1842...

Three Ways We Hide From God (and Others) and Why We Must Stop


  Let’s have a show of hands—who has had a “naked-in-public” dream? Come on, admit it. I bet just about everyone has, including me. You know the one: You show up for a big presentation at work or school, or you’re riding a bicycle through rush hour or working the first day of a new job, and you suddenly realize everyone...

Top 10 Bible Verses for Self-Confidence

Bible Verses for Self-Confidence

The following is a list of my top ten favorite verses related to confidence— not in self— but in Christ. If you're struggling with self-confidence, I'm sure these verses will be a great help to you.

Love is the Way of Life [sermon]


Sermon on 1 John 3:11-18 When it comes to loving God, if we are not loving others, we are not experiencing the life God offers us. True love for God will result in a selfless abandonment to service others. We don’t just say we love, we live out our love authentically and faithfully.  Sermon Outline: Only do this: Love God, Love others (v. 11) Seeds of jealousy bear fruit of...

What to Say at a Funeral to Make Christ Known


Attending a funeral for a friend is hard. Speaking at it is even harder. This weekend I received an email from a man in our church who was flying to Minneapolis this coming week. He planned to get together with his friend while he was in town, but the man died over the weekend. Now instead of sharing a...

10 Bible Verses to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

bible verses for New Years resolutions

A New Year is seen as a fresh beginning, a time for resolutions and promises on habits and behaviors we’d like to incorporate into this new start. Here are 10 Scriptures to support and encourage you in your New Year’s New Beginning.   All verses from the ESV translation. Psalm 5:3 "O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare...

Thank God: Practical Ways to Show Gratitude to the Almighty


One of my favorite movies of all time is The Count of Monte Christo. It’s a story about a man named Edmond Dontez escapes from the Cheteau D’if, which is like the Alcatraz of France. Exhausted and wave-battered from his getaway he wakes up on the beach of a far off island to find that he has been discovered by...

4 Main Types of Life Trials


"Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation in the aftermath of it ... We have become numb to this." President Obama said this statement Thursday night after the shooting in Oregon. Once again lives of innocent students were taken from us—all of which where young...

How To Highlight and Color Your Bible Effectively


This is a guest post from Jenna Marie Belcher Have you ever thought you knew an entire song and the meaning by merely listening to it a few times? I can remember one Friday night, while out with my friends, I got up to sing karaoke thinking I KNEW the words backwards and forwards- to “My Heart Will Go On”. ...

God Does Not Change: 3 Responses in Light of an Unchanging God


Everything Changes Everything around us changes, think about it: seasons change, weather changes, jobs change, people change, heroes change, our leaders changes. Simply, everything changes. To be honest with you, I am kind of a "Change" junkie. I like to move around the furniture, find new ways to tweak my everyday norm, or even find ways to visit new places all...

The Essential Elements of a Transformed Life [Sermon]


1 John 5:1-12 So far John has spoken a lot about love and obedience, but now he is going to combine the idea of faith and its necessity in our life. In chapter 5 we learn that the road to love is paved with faith in Christ.  Sermon Outline: The essential elements of a transformed life: 1. New Faith (vv. 1a, 6-10)  Have an insatiable...