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“Touch Base Weekly” – A Way to Check Up On Your Staff Without Overwhelming Them


When I served as the Associate Pastor for a large church I needed a way to connect with all my staff each week. In the same way, not that I am leading a smaller church, I want to ensure my staff feel cared for. Therefore I created a simple email process I refer to as "Touch Base Weekly." It...

What is the Local Church?


And why are the reforming markers of the church (preaching and ordinances) so crucial for understanding what the church is? The church is a group of Christians (those partaking in the New Covenant with God by believing in Jesus Christ) who, together, identify themselves and others as followers of Jesus through regularly gathering in His name, preaching the Gospel, and...

How to Format a Sermon Outline

sermon notes-sermon outline

When choosing which kind of sermon notes to take to the pulpit, you must choose that which allows you to be yourself — yet always be true to the text. The second you step to the pulpit, you are going to want the hours of your sermon preparation to be close to your heart and your fingertip. Here is my blank sermon notes template in Word. If you would like to see a completed sermon outline that I take to the pulpit, you can do so here.. 

7 Items for a Pastoral Care Team Meeting Agenda


Every week I sit with our Care and Counseling Team to review the current people we are caring for. This is not always a short meeting. On any given week we may have as many as 60 active cases to review. A "case" is someone that we we are currently engaging in biblical counseling or are caring for in...

What Is A Life Transformed By Christ?


One of the things I loved about working at Mission Hills is that our vision is clear and concise: Transformed Lives.   But as the Discipleship Pastor, my role demanded that I accurately define what it means for a life to be transformed by Christ. Our values clarify why this type of change is important, but we had never really defined what...

Pastor’s Kids Need Prayer and so do yours!


Raising kids is the hardest thing I've ever done. If you have kids, you know what I am talking about. It takes a level of energy, intentionality and selflessness like nothing else. Yet, there is nothing more rewarding than investing in the souls of the kids God has entrusted to you. Through the last few months, I've grown so aware of...

How To Give Your Family More Than Your Leftovers


This morning my mom called. She is sweet and always has a way of sharing truth in love. After we caught up on life a bit, she said, “I need to say something to you, but please hear me out…” I knew right then there was something in my life I’d done wrong—and I had a feeling it was probably...

The Biblical Mandate and Procedure for Church Discipline


God has laid out a clear mandate and plan the universal church to call people to repentance because He cares for the souls of men and their reconciliation unto Himself. Many people over the years of church history have avoided the commands to discipline people for the sake of repentance. Some church congregations have made excuses as to why...

5 Lessons Learned from Zack Eswine’s “The Imperfect Pastor”


The longer I have pastored, the more imperfect I feel. I recently read this book... and I loved it! When I first picked it up I said with a smile, "oh wow, this must be my biography". I know I am an imperfect pastor— I will be first in the line to point out my faults. However, for some reason unbeknown...

These 6 Lessons Will Help You be a Better Pastor


To be known is to be loved. All people have a deep need to belong; when we do not have a sense of belonging, we will look for it relentlessly. We long for this in our families and with our friends. In the relationships where we are known intimately yet still accepted, we count those as safe places to...

Unraveling the Confusion Around Church Ministry


Many people today claim to be Christians but are not on mission for God. They attend church as if it is a social activity. Sadly, the church has moved into entertaining Christians, rather than mobilizing Christ followers to fulfill God’s designed purpose for their lives. This has happened for several reasons: We have a lost view of the biblical purpose of ministry. We...

Redefine Greatness: Living Out God’s Definition of Success


  I came back from a long day of classes and meetings, just wanting to let my mind unwind. As I set my bag on my chair I notice that across the top of my desk someone had written in black ink, “REDEFINE GREATNESS.” At first I just wanted to know who had done it, and what kind of message...