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Evaluating the Question “What Salary Should I Expect?”


When evaluating the question "what salary should I expect?" for any given job, it is helpful to consider what "pay" means and how you should respond. Pay is more than a compensation for time, talent or effort. It is a valuation of a person’s contribution to the greater cause. A person is paid by an organization to keep them doing what they...

Write What You Read


I’ve been reading more than usual lately. This is most likely because my current sermon series is demanding a lot more of my time in the books. I’ve also read from a few other guys who talk about the importance of reading – such as C.J. Mahaney, Mark Driscoll and Michael Hyatt (to name a few). All this has...

How to Share Your Heart and Still be Heard


Recently I've had to have some conversations with people that have been hard - to say the least. Truth has had to be spoken, otherwise it would have left a gap in integrity or shared love. I do not like conflict, I'd rather run a marathon than face conflict (and that's saying a lot, because I really hate to run)....

Why is Church Membership Important?


Why is carefully practicing church membership and discipline critical to the growth of the saints and the evangelism of the church? The aim of the Church is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by pursuing people to believe in Jesus and turn to Him for salvation. When a person believes in Jesus Christ and repents from their old way...

Creating a Work Culture Where People Want to Stay


Have you ever hated your place of work? Maybe you loved your job, but the place you perform the work is less than desirable. I've been there too and had to muscle through. If you relate to this struggle, this article is for you. Or perhaps you are a manager and a leader in an organization. If so, your employees...

A Tour of My Office: How You Set Up your Space Matters


I will never forget my first real office.  It took me over four weeks to make it my own and move in. I thought through every little thing, including where I would dump the espresso grounds from my in-office commercial espresso machine. As I've had more offices over the last decades, I've bee more responsible and intentional with my space. If...

Why OmniFocus is Great for Pastors


The main role of a pastor is to care for the sheep. One of the main ways that we care for those in our churches is by meeting (or exceeding) expectations. If a pastor remains unorganized, then he is bound to fail expectations and therefore not tend to the sheep. Why are met expectations essential for shepherding? As pastors, we represent...

How to Format a Sermon Outline

sermon notes-sermon outline

When choosing which kind of sermon notes to take to the pulpit, you must choose that which allows you to be yourself — yet always be true to the text. The second you step to the pulpit, you are going to want the hours of your sermon preparation to be close to your heart and your fingertip. Here is my blank sermon notes template in Word. If you would like to see a completed sermon outline that I take to the pulpit, you can do so here.. 

When Brokenness is a Great Strength


At times it seems that the economy of heaven is upside down. We are used to a this fight-to-win-it world which declare loudly that only the weak will fail. Yet, in God's eyes, the only way to succeed is to spend your soul at the deepest level. We are called to lose our life. Whoever seeks to preserve his life will...

How to know you are experiencing spiritual abuse

spiritual abuse

With the news of James MacDonald being fired and countless cases of sexual abuse reported in the Southern Baptist Convention last week, we are left to wonder — how does this kind of thing happen in Christ's church? Why can a place that is meant to build trust leave so many feeling like they have lost all trust?  After I...

When Is An Elder Disqualified From Ministry?


We all have treasured items we keep for special events. It may be a shirt, a dress, a pen, dishes, or a piece of jewelry. We pull them out to be used for something unique, but otherwise, we leave them tucked away and protected from daily use. These items are set apart. In the same way, the person who is...

If We Wait Long Enough, Will Change Just Go Away?


The church where I serve, Grace Chapel, has experienced a lot of changes over the last few years. Whether by policy changes, process changes or pastoral changes, we have had many things adjust around us. When these changes happen, they can be unsettling, worrisome and emotionally draining. There comes a point when we want change to stop, so we ask...