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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Screen Time for Kids


The issue isn’t just about kids having these devices in the first place, it is about what they do with them. We need to consider what impact the time and devices are having on our kids. Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to screen time.

Meatloaf: The Importance of Family Meals


Dinner time at our house is of the utmost importance, but it is also the most chaotic. One kid is screaming for water while another one is spilling it. Molly hardly ever sits down to eat until nearly halfway into the meal because, like a busy waiter, she responds to every request for a drink, salt, ketchup, napkins, an extra...

I Don’t Want to Go Back to Normal


Today is the close of a chapter. For six months, our family has spent the majority of every day together. From quarantine to summer nights on the patio, to vacations in the mountains, we have been by each other’s side. Since the middle of March, we have shared more meals together, taken more walks and bike rides, and shared more of life than ever before. This has been one of the sweetest chapters of my life. 

3 Reminders for Weary Parents


Time is going so fast. Our baby boy is only five days old and I already wish I could stop time. Everyone told me that raising kids goes fast but I didn’t believe them… until I had kids. I have watched eight years of my oldest child’s life fly by. Each passing month feels like a week, each week...

Making the Most of Screens with Your Kids Over Christmas Break


It's winter break and you're trying to keep your child entertained without playing on their tablet every waking moment. It seems like you basically have two options: pack the tablet away or give them free reign over it for 10 days.  If you choose Option 1, they are going to be devastated because they love wasting hours away watching endless...

Teaching Obedience to Your Nonverbal One-Year-Old


Wouldn't you know it, our sixth child, Patten, is turning out to be one of our most mischievous children? God must have known that we needed to be kept on our toes. There's no laying back and getting comfortable. Parenting requires us to be fully present all the time. I was working in the garage recently, getting the basketball hoop...