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How is Joy Different from Happiness? [sermon]


Sermon on  John 16:16-24 Jesus said that He came to give us life — but not a sub-par life that lacks joy and peace. Rather, He was offering us a way to live without worry and anxiety and trust Him to be our true source of joy and satisfaction. In this message we identify that no person, power or evil...

The Essential Elements of a Transformed Life [Sermon]


1 John 5:1-12 So far John has spoken a lot about love and obedience, but now he is going to combine the idea of faith and its necessity in our life. In chapter 5 we learn that the road to love is paved with faith in Christ.  Sermon Outline: The essential elements of a transformed life: 1. New Faith (vv. 1a, 6-10)  Have an insatiable...

The Test of True Love [Sermon]


1 John 4:1-6 True love has to be guided by authentic faith in God. 1 John 4:7 says that God is love, and if we do not know Him then we cannot love. In order to love someone genuinely, we must ensure our faith is correctly placed in God and strive to love people as to show them that God is the only...

Let’s Celebrate (Psalm 100:1-5)


Let's Celebrate - Psalm 100:1-5 - Mike Romberger and Josh Weidmann - December 1, 2013 from Mission Hills Church on Vimeo. Preaching Outline: SEGMENT 1: INTRO AND VERSE 1 AND 2 - BOTH walk out from back stage, Mike starts by explain the service and praying. - Josh reads Ps. 100 entirely. (found on page ____ in the seatback Bibles)   Intro Material: ·  The Title...

What Does It Mean to Abide and Be Pruned? [Sermon]


We all long to have more than a mundane life. We want to leave and impact on the world and have a sense of joy as we do so. In Jesus last words to his disciples, he gives them a beautiful picture of His role, the Father’s role and their role as they live their life for His glory....

Why Are Trials Necessary to Grow our Faith?

trials to grow faith

One of the great mysteries of God is why He allows trials and hardships for those who love Him. In our human view, we believe that a loving God always has to show His love, and therefore absolve our life of any pain. Yet, if you've journeyed with God for any amount of time, you know that He does...

Where is God when Discouragement Sets In? [Sermon]


https://youtu.be/MEXgc35zqSQ Sermon Outline:  One of God’s greatest sources of encouragement for us is His presence found in other people. Our tune: Confidence in Christ.   The command for confidence included:  Do not be afraid I am with you No one will attack you to harm you Our song: The message of Christ Telling others about Christ requires you to understand...

How to Find Joy in Knowing Christ (1 John 1:1-4)


Sermon Resources: Sermon Manuscript in a Word Document Sermon Slides New Years and New Series Are New Starts New beginnings. We’ve all had them at least a time or two. Things like… New baby New job New semester New teacher New pencil New toy New rule New sibling New roommate New House New neighbors New jacket New teeth New Bible New in-law New friend New computer New shoes New car New year New pastor   We’ve all had the experience with “new.” If we are honest,...

Are You Underestimating What God Can Do in Your Life? [sermon]


The Gospel of Jesus Christ acknowledges both the validity of our felt needs and the supremacy of God’s purposes. Because the Gospel is predicated on the trustworthiness of God to accomplish His ultimate good in and through us, there are times where our needs will appear to be subordinated to God’s plan. In these instances, we can be assured...

Does Your Worship Mean Anything to God? [sermon]


Although people were created to enjoy intimacy with God, we continually chose to value other goals, pursuits, and possessions as more beautiful and worthwhile than knowing God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we must battle a persistent root of self-centeredness is always drawing us toward self-aggrandizement over worship of God. We must worship God as He deserves...

Put Off the Old Man, Put On the New Man (Colossians 3:1-17)


For Audio Download only, click here It is impossible for a person to know Christ and not experience total transformation. After we have been brought to faith in Him, we enter into His school to let Him teach us how to live. This begins with the lessons of leaving our old selves behind. Broadcast live streaming video...

The Apostle John: Beloved By God to Love Others


Sermon Resources: Sermon Manuscript Word Document My Sermon Slides The Message: Meet John – Who was he and why does it matter? I want to introduce you to a friend…well, probably, more like an acquaintance, but someone that I love and appreciate very much. He is not here today, but if he were, I am sure you would love him and he would...