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Put Off the Old Man, Put On the New Man (Colossians 3:1-17)


For Audio Download only, click here It is impossible for a person to know Christ and not experience total transformation. After we have been brought to faith in Him, we enter into His school to let Him teach us how to live. This begins with the lessons of leaving our old selves behind. Broadcast live streaming video...

The Comfort of God is the Strength of His People (Isaiah 40 & 41)


In  the wake of the Paris tragedy the world is looking for hope. The only hope that will last the test of time and the loss of life is the hope that comes from God Himself. In this message, Josh takes us through the comfort of God promised to His people in Isaiah 40 and 41. Though God sees the pain...

Radical Surrender (Luke 9:1-9)


Preaching Outline: Attn: Intro to my story and time at MHC (magic pic): God uses us in spite of us. PRAY – kneel. God, thank you for using us thought we are not worthy to be used. Thank you for taking us from utter despair and leading us to utter dependence upon you… INTRODUCTION: Attn: Hide Seek and Scare w/ Lewis Quote: The...

Saul’s Conversion: Chief of Sinners Saved for You (Acts 9:1-19)


God saves His people from all sorts of things. Their past tells a story of redemption for God's glory that cannot be denied—this was certainly the case for Saul. In this message, Josh helps us see the Story of Saul's conversion in a way that reveals God's purposes for us today. Acts 9:1-19 make it clear that God sovereignly...

Colossians: Find True Life in Christ (Colossians 2:8-15)


http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshweidmann/7-19-2015.mp3 Have you ever felt empty? A life without God will lead to emptiness. God knew that so He sent His Son to make us fully alive in Christ. Through faith, we can experience the daily, powerful working of God. In this message we look at the importance of eliminating unessential spiritual activity from our life and how we are to...

The Essential Elements of a Transformed Life [Sermon]


1 John 5:1-12 So far John has spoken a lot about love and obedience, but now he is going to combine the idea of faith and its necessity in our life. In chapter 5 we learn that the road to love is paved with faith in Christ.  Sermon Outline: The essential elements of a transformed life: 1. New Faith (vv. 1a, 6-10)  Have an insatiable...

Brokenness Leads to Greatness (Isaiah 41 & 45)


  Sometimes that it's hard to remember that in our brokenness God is leading us to his greatness. If God is for us, no one can stand against us. When we’ve set our lives right with God, He promises to be our sufficient Savior for whatever we face. No loss, pain, or trial is too big for Him to overcome....

Your life—Committed or Counterfeit?


Sermon on 1 John 2:18-29 Everything Satan does is aimed at destroying your fellowship with God. Not only will he use sin, but he will also use deceit and lies to get you to believe something other than the truth. In this passage we are given practical guidance on how to stand strong against the schemes of our active enemy so we have authentic faith and...

Love is the Way of Life [sermon]


Sermon on 1 John 3:11-18 When it comes to loving God, if we are not loving others, we are not experiencing the life God offers us. True love for God will result in a selfless abandonment to service others. We don’t just say we love, we live out our love authentically and faithfully.  Sermon Outline: Only do this: Love God, Love others (v. 11) Seeds of jealousy bear fruit of...