We all have questions about faith, Christianity, and the Bible. The things we wonder about can be used to prompt greater faith or give way to greater doubt.

Gino Geraci has served as a pastor, chaplain, and radio answer man for the last 20 years. I invited him to come to Grace Chapel to field questions of any sort. We received over one hundred questions but were only able to answer about a dozen. Some of the questions we tried to answer were:

  • When Jesus says “your faith has healed you” what does He mean?
  • As someone who struggles with doubt in my faith, I often feel like I will never be certain in my faith (not that I could lose my salvation but that Jesus is the real deal). How can I get to a place of trust and certainty and peace?
  • What do you say to someone who says Jesus existed and was nice but is not divine. Or out and out says the Bible is fiction?
  • When talking to a non-believer using the Bible to justify the truths in the Bible is tough. What outside sources can we use to help people understand the Bible is true and everything in the Bible actually happened.
  • How can I encourage my non-Christian friend to come to find God?
  • Why do we celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25 when he was born in the spring? 
  • What / who were the Nephilim in Genesis 6?
  • What does the Bible say about sexual abuse? How do you think the church should love and care for people who have walked through hard pain or trauma in general?
  • Homosexuality has been a part of our world since before Christ. In Leviticus 18:22 “you shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Can a male homosexual relationship exist without intercourse and be blessed by God?
  • can I lose my salvation? If so, how?
  • how should believers respond to those who don’t understand why if God exists He would allow a pandemic like COVID-19 and the impact it has had?
  • Despite growing up in church, attending church for the majority of my life, and accepting Jesus as my Lord and savior I always have a fear that I won’t make it into heaven. How do you build a peace that your faith is enough to have your name in the book of life?

The serves where we answered questions were both live. Therefore, the serves were totally different. Here they are for you. I hope they are encouraging to you.

Our first session of live Q&A:

Our second session of live Q&A:

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