In 2012, after going on my first Israel trip, I decided to return to the Holy Land and find the best way to lead tours in the future. I rented a little Fiat car and drove to as many sites as I could to plan my route and find the best material.

When I set out on that personal pilgrimage, I took an old 3-ring binder of material I had received from a pastor who was cleaning out his pastoral library. It was a set of writings from a New Testament professor and archeologist, Merilyn Copland. I found that 3-ring binder to be the best material— better than any of the other full-color books I had totted along as well!

Upon my return to the USA, I found Merilyn Copland and asked her if we could co-author a book together. She quickly replied “Yes” and from that conversation, the book, “He Walked with Us” was born.

This book is written by an archeologist and a pastor to provide the premier resource for any biblical Israel tour. The book is organized by region of the land of Israel and covers all the most popular sites that most every Israel tour visits.

This book is available exclusively on Amazon. Whether you are going to Israel, or you want to remember a past trip… or you want to just dream about going there in the future… this book will give you a great context to any biblical site. It also has a “What does this mean for our life?” section in each chapter, providing life application for why the lessons from that part of the land are meaningful for us today.

Grab your copy today! 


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