Today we set off to Caesarea Maratamia, Tzipori and Nazareth. Caesarea Maritime is a mere 30 miles north of Joppa. It became Israel’s most populous city at the time of the early church. Herod the Great dedicated the city, his crowning architectural triumph, to his friend Caesar Augustus. Caesarea served as the Roman Capital of Judea. One of the most amazing sites, that can still be seen today, is the aqueduct that brought the city’s water supply down from Mount Carmel. A memorable mention of Caesarea in the New Testament was in Acts 12:19-23 when Herod Agrippa I was stricken with a disease in the amphitheater. Phillip was also the first Christian to preach the Gospel to the people in Caesarea (Acts 8:40).

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Here is past teaching from Pastor Josh in Caesarea Maratamia:


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