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What God Showed Us as We Welcomed Our 5th Child Into the World

What God Showed Us as We Welcomed Our 5th Child Into the World

There are few days in life that we remember until we die.

Yesterday was one of those days for Molly and me. We welcomed our fifth child into the world, who we have named, Charles Joshua (aka “Charlie”). After being admitted to the hospital on Friday night, Molly labored faithfully and patiently, and he was born at 4:40 PM on Saturday. We named him a Charles after my favorite preacher, Charles Spurgeon. 

The backstory…

In the fall of last year Molly and I went on a trip to the national ERLC conference. While we were there we felt the Lord prompting us to have a fifth child. We sought the wisdom of Dr. Russell Moore and other close family, friends and mentors. It became clear to us that the best way to glorify God was to proceed toward a fifth child. God graciously opened the womb a few weeks later and we felt this was a confirmation of God’s will. 

We feared the pregnant days because Molly had usually gotten very sick with out other babies. However, after only about nine weeks of sickness, she was able to manage through the pregnancy well. 

Molly did not want to find out the gender because she said that helped her get through the pregnancy. So, needless to say, we were surprised to welcome a boy to our family after having three girls previously. Chandler was overjoyed to have a little brother!

What did this show us about God…?

There are three things I have clearly learned about God through this process and over the last 24 hours of Charlie’s life:

  1. God is faithful. If I am honest, I have prayed for another son since our second child because I wanted Chandler to have a brother. God was faithful to fulfill a dream, but even if it would have been another girl, God is still faithful. In fact, after yelling (literally) that it was a boy, I cried “God is so faithful!” He is, no matter what happens in life. He was faithful to give us the help we needed through the entire process, as he always does!
  2. God is in control. The birth process is not something that gives you (especially the Dad)  a sense of control. Yet, it is good for me to remember that God is ultimately in control of everything in my life, even when I feel out of control. 
  3. God rewards us with His peace. Through the whole pregnancy, God has gave us peace and presence. I have learned that God gives peace as a reward for obeying Him and remaining in Him (John 15:1-7), and He also promises His presence (John 14:16). There were countless moments in this pregnancy (all the alway to the last hour) that were scary. We had many concerns, yet God was gracious to give us His peace that surpassed the understanding of facts before us. Peace is the reward we receive when we find our security in Him.

Thank you all for your prayers! God is faithful! God is in control! And God is the sweet giver of peace.

Check out the video shared with our Grace Chapel family:


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