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The High Calling of Caring


I recently looked up the word, “Shepherd” in the dictionary. This is what I found: shepherd |ˈ sh epərd| |ˈʃɛpərd| |ˈʃɛpəd| noun A person who tends and rears sheep. Figurative a member of the clergy who provides spiritual care and guidance for a congregation. The task we are called to as pastors and elders is not a simple one. Anytime one person is...

Bible Verses for the Depressed


Though it is not something I am proud of, I have to admit that the last few days have been some of the hardest days I’ve had in a long time. The number of sermons yet to be prepared and preached were overwhelming to me. I was burdened by the responsibilities of the church. The shambles my personal life...

3 Keys to Helping Someone Through Loss


This may sound a bit off, but consider this a pastoral confession: I enjoy being involved with people at their greatest point of loss. There is nothing more tragic than the loss of someone you love. Death is hard, no matter when it comes. As a pastor, I am often involved in helping people through the loss of their loved one,...

7 Items for a Pastoral Care Team Meeting Agenda


Every week I sit with our Care and Counseling Team to review the current people we are caring for. This is not always a short meeting. On any given week we may have as many as 60 active cases to review. A "case" is someone that we we are currently engaging in biblical counseling or are caring for in...

You Can Cry On Me. Your Tears Are Warm.


Loss hurts no matter when it comes. Even necessary endings have a way of hurting – though we knew that or they had to go. As a biblical counselor, tears are a regular part of my day. When people come in my office and feel the freedom to cry, I am honored. I don’t take it for granted when someone...

I Want to Punch God.


Life is not fair. God is always fair. Shelly (name changed) is a woman who has had a very hard life. The things she has told me in our counseling sessions are enough to make me depressed. I’ve told her time and again, “I wish there was a ‘reset’ button I could push for you. Life has been so hard...