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Forty-Eight Things you Can Do to Relieve Anxiety


Dealing with anxiety can be an up-and-down journey. The hills and valleys come when you least except them. We would love to just take the short cut to avoid them, or the straight path that will cut right through them, but it is not always that easy. Believe me, I know. Anxiety is a frequent feeling that I have dealt...

6 Essential Strategies For Building Rapport with Clients in Counseling


When a person sits down with you and asks you to give them wisdom on something they are facing in their life, it can be nerve-racking.  What do I say? Will they like me and trust me? Can we build rapport fast so I can speak the truth in love? These and the questions will plague the mind of a...

7 Items for a Pastoral Care Team Meeting Agenda


Every week I sit with our Care and Counseling Team to review the current people we are caring for. This is not always a short meeting. On any given week we may have as many as 60 active cases to review. A "case" is someone that we we are currently engaging in biblical counseling or are caring for in...

You Can Cry On Me. Your Tears Are Warm.


Loss hurts no matter when it comes. Even necessary endings have a way of hurting – though we knew that or they had to go. As a biblical counselor, tears are a regular part of my day. When people come in my office and feel the freedom to cry, I am honored. I don’t take it for granted when someone...

Six Strategies for Developing a Caring Relationship with My Counselee


The Bible is the source by which I provide all biblical counseling. It is not just a filter by which I pass all my theories and thoughts. Rather, the truth I impart comes solely from Scripture, and in doing so, I will provide biblical and practical care for my counselees. The following are six biblical strategies to develop a...

7 Essential Elements of a First Session in Biblical Counseling


A first session in biblical counseling can be intimidating. Even the best Certified Biblical Counselors can experience some nervousness when meeting with a person for the first time. In some ways, we should; we are being allowed into a very intimate and hurting part of another person's life. This should come with a dose of apprehension and humility. Yet,...

Avoid the Tragedy of Counseling Too Quickly


A few days ago some of the counselors and I were jesting about starting a drive-thru counseling service. We laughed at the thought of people taking advantage of this quick service to get fast answers to life's problems. "I am sure that already exists in Vegas," someone said. We quickly returned to the reality of hard sessions that require...

I Want to Punch God.


Life is not fair. God is always fair. Shelly (name changed) is a woman who has had a very hard life. The things she has told me in our counseling sessions are enough to make me depressed. I’ve told her time and again, “I wish there was a ‘reset’ button I could push for you. Life has been so hard...

Top 10 Internet Resources for Depression


Biblical Counseling Coalition – Depression Articles This site has an excellent list of articles, audio and video resources on the topic of depression. There are several different biblical counselors that wrote these articles, giving a variety of perspective and expertise. Tools and steps are included to help the counselor know where to start and how to set realistic goals for...

Free Counseling Notes Template


As a counselor, taking notes is one of the most important parts of my job.   The details shared with me in a counseling session are sensitive and critical, so I want to capture what I can. I also hear a lot of information over the course of many cases, so taking notes helps me keep the details straight. I...

3 Keys to Helping Someone Through Loss


This may sound a bit off, but consider this a pastoral confession: I enjoy being involved with people at their greatest point of loss. There is nothing more tragic than the loss of someone you love. Death is hard, no matter when it comes. As a pastor, I am often involved in helping people through the loss of their loved one,...

Summary of the Seven Keys to “Strategic Pastoral Counseling” by David Benner


Counseling within the church context is full of challenges. Knowing what to offer it to your congregation and the boundaries that should exist within your counseling ministry are not intuitive. I have learned this the hard way, over the last nine years, as I have established two different biblical counseling ministry from the ground up. We have made our...