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Does God Have a Plan for My Life?


There have been many times I've wondered where this thing is headed—live seems off the rails and I wonder who is in control. Does God have a plan for me? Are all of these things really working together for my good and His glory (Romans 8:28-29)? Watch the Message Here: https://youtu.be/jOVDlsQhmYU Even in Loss, He has My Gain in Mind Imagine the scene:...

Why Does God Allow Suffering? One Compelling Reason with Many Applications


Our soul questions: Does suffering happen because God can’t stop it? Because He won’t stop it? Doesn’t He want to stop it? Does suffering happen because we are bad? Is suffering inevitable? What does God want me to do when I’m suffering? Some secular-minded people conclude that suffering happens because God is either impotent or evil. Some religions tell...

Why Does God Allow Suffering? A list of helpful applications and articles


David Garland shows how the suffering occurring with Paul in 2 Corinthians, and therefore with us, is the opposite of the plot, The Picture of Dorian Gray: In that story the vain Dorian Gray has his portrait painted; and when it is finished, he laments: “How sad! I shall grow old and horrible, but this picture never will be older. If...

Forty-Eight Things you Can Do to Relieve Anxiety


Dealing with anxiety can be an up-and-down journey. The hills and valleys come when you least except them. We would love to just take the short cut to avoid them, or the straight path that will cut right through them, but it is not always that easy. Believe me, I know. Anxiety is a frequent feeling that I have dealt...

A Free Five-Day Devotional on The Three Greatest Gifts: Faith, Hope and Love


Of all the gifts we are given by God, there are only three that we are told will remain into eternity: faith, hope and love (1 Cor. 13:13). What does this mean for our life? How can we pursue these gifts in our daily life. In this devotional series a person will learn: What faith really is and how to...

Why Are Trials Necessary to Grow our Faith?

trials to grow faith

One of the great mysteries of God is why He allows trials and hardships for those who love Him. In our human view, we believe that a loving God always has to show His love, and therefore absolve our life of any pain. Yet, if you've journeyed with God for any amount of time, you know that He does...

Why Is It That Life Feels Fuller in Quarantine?


Life in quarantine has me feeling busier than I have felt been in any months previously. Even though so many places and events are shut down and taken away from us, my schedule still is overflowing. Our office staff isn't even working together in the same place. Our programs are not hosting events at the church because we cannot gather anyone...

Online Good Friday Service: Seven Cries of the Cross


Good Friday is a tradition that has been celebrated for centuries by the Christian church. It is meant to be a day of remembrance about the crucifixion of Christ and His earthly death on the Friday before Easter Sunday. For hundreds of years, churches around the world gather in the afternoon or evening to reflect on the death of Christ...

A Free Five-Day Devotional to Help Overcome Fear


Dealing with fear can be a relentless fight for sanity. Our imagination can run wild and anxiety can hold us tight in its grip. The Bible commands us to "fear not" and trust God. I have created a five day devotional series for both families and individuals. In this devotional series a person will learn: Who God is as the great Shepherd ...

The Power of Contentment: Three Ways to Change Your Perspective Quickly


If you came to my house on any given day there are a few phrases you may hear repeated are: “Stop it!,” “Moooooooom,” or “I’m Doooone!” But one phrase I know you would hear is “That’s not fair.” Living in a home with five little kids who constantly battle with each other means that at any given moment one of...

Six Ways to React to Unexpected Trials in Our Life [video blog]


Freak out... or have faith? Those seem to be the only two options for Christians when it comes to facing trials in our life, but what does that look like practically? In today's video blog I address six ways we can react to unexpected trials that come into our life. These principles are based on Mark 4:35-41 and Matthew 14:22-36. Watch...

Six Ways to Stop Thinking Fearful Thoughts


If you grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s as I did, you’re familiar with the idea of mixtapes.  Mixtapes were a way of creating a compilation of music onto one source that played in any Walkman, car stereo, or boombox. To us back then, mixtapes are what playlists are to us today except with about 100 times the effort....